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Archive/Edit Panasonic SDT750 1080p AVCHD in iMovie/FCP

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As the world's first 3D compatible camcorder with 3D conversion lens released on 2010, but Panasonic HDC-SDT750 is called as an excellent 2D camcorder with its stunning image quality and 1080p HD video. When it comes to its 3D features, it’s seemingly to be a lot of complaints among users. Most functions may lose if you opt to film in 3D, like zoom in taking photos, these limitations always annoys us to test its novelty of 3D Conversion lens.


Review of Panasonic SDT750 2D and 3D recordings.
How to archive Panasonic SDT750 1080p AVCHD?
How to import Panasonic SDT750 1080p AVCHD to iMovie/FCP?


Let’s see what's their review of SDT750 3D Recordings:

“When shooting 3-D you do not have HD-1080P. In fact, your shooting in 3:2 instead of 16:9 which means the High Definition quality is gone and you have a black border surrounding the screen.”

“Many manual controls are disabled when recording in 3D mode. And 3D video resolution is divided into two equal halfs of full HD.”

“After attaching the 3D lens you lose the function to zoom, take photos. The video quality is not good in 3D.”


Let’s see what's their review on SDT750 2D 1080p Recordings:

“3D film-making is no longer the preserve of Hollywood, an excellent 2D Full HD cam to boot”

“I bought this Cam only for its 3D capability, and I am very disappointed. But I have to mention that as a 2D Cam you have every thing a super quality and features.”


Whether the 3D conversion Lens is still a gimmicky one-off, shooting 3D footage is very easy if only you attach the 3D conversion lens to SDT750 at first, although the controls are limited-12x optical zoom and manual controls are kept to an absolute minimum. If its 3D function can’t draw your much attention, but just as they say, Panasonic is still a worthy-buy as a 2D camcorder. Like other Panasonic Camcorders, it has both PAL and NTSC systems which records videos in 1080 50p/60p on SD, SDHC, and high-capacity SDXC cards. Besides, there’s also 32GB internal memory for us to store instant memories.


Now I guess you may be fond of this SDT750 camcorder with 2D Full HD 1080p and 5.1 channel audio recording. If you film episodes in 2D mode, you’ll surely be fantastic by its sharp and stunning details in 1080 50/60p AVCHD recordings. However, we know every coin has two sides. Why? We know that iMovie and Final Cut Pro just keep saying “Import Error” when trying to transfer SDT750 1080 50p/60p AVCHD to iMovie/FCP. When you just keep getting error message, how to archive and edit your Panasonic SDT750 1080p AVCHD via iMovie or FCP?


Preparations: Download Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac


How to archive Panasonic SDT750 1080p AVCHD?

Launch Final Mate for Mac, connect Panasonic HDC-SDT750 to Mac, then a pop-up window called camcorder wizard turns up to instructs you how to back up/ archive SDT750 1080p AVCHD files. Know detailed steps about using Camcorder Wizard to archive Panasonic SDT750 1080 50p/60p AVCHD on iMac on:


How to import Panasonic SDT750 1080p AVCHD to iMovie/FCP?

Drag AVCHD footage from Camcorder Tab to “Movie,” right click clips in “Movie” to select “change output type to conversion type.” Then, click format icon to select output type. As for converting SDT750 1080p to iMovie, just select iMovie and Final Cut Express>>Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov); when converting SDT750 1080p to FCP, just choose Final Cut Pro>>Prores 422 (*.mov)

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