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Edit AVCHD with FCP X-Import Successfully and Get Rid of Rendering

Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac

Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac

Convert Panasonic AVCHD/AVCHD Lite files to Apple ProRes 422, Panasonic 1080p/720p MTS to AIC.
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Final Cut Pro, the most popular video-editing program, could meet most of professional needs. And it has been upgraded to X on Jun 22, 2011. This program is famous for its powerful functions. Its top features were described as "revolutionary video editing, powerful media organization and incredible performance" on the official website.


avchd to fcp x
To most people, this software is a little difficult to handle as it has too much functions and buttons. And there are even technical classes to teach how to manage it. Everyone can get to use it freely when understanding it enough. But there are still two problems, which puzzle most users exist: 1 Videos are refused to import into FCP X. 2 FCP X spends too much on the process of "render". Actually, this is mainly "format" problem. Following, explanation about these two problems will be shown.

1 Import: FCP X has its native video format: Apple ProRes. It means that when your video files are with this format, FCP X can recognize and read the files directly, and then allow the importing. But if your have other format videos, FCP X doesn't support the importing. In FCP 7, there is "log and transfer". This function allows users import AVCHD files with BDMV folders. If you have ever analysed the structure of AVCHD files, such folders can be found easily.
avchd to fcp x

"Log and transfer" made it possible to import a none-Apple Prores video, but it's a little complex. That's because when using FCP, most users choose to import single videos without the complicated folders. The X version deleted "log and transfer", but still support this operation by "Import from camcorder". And even if you have imported the AVCHD files, problem 2 will puzzle you again: render.
convert avchd to apple prores

2 Render: People who have ever used FCP X, will find that the process of rendering run from top to end. That's because when editing videos, FCP X could read its acquiescent data. So when there is difference, there is "render". As its native format is Apple ProRes, it can edit this format freely, but to other videos, it will spend super long time to render. How to solve this problem?

Actually, these two problems have the same solution: change the video format. Of course, the best choice is Apple ProRes. If you have transcoded videos to its native format, importing and rendering will be freely. And to achieve this effect, a video conversion tool is necessary.

Ausnoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac is considered as the best converter till now. It's mainly for HD camcorder users as these camcorders shoot AVCHD videos. The operate steps are really easy. Import the video files into it, and Select the correct format: Apple ProRes, for FCP X, and then Export, you can get a new video with Apple ProRes immediately.
convert avchd to apple prores

Most people care about the video quality output. Don't worry, Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac supply the highest quality, even the same as original ones. And the conversion just lasts for much shorter time. After that, you can enjoy AVCHD-editing on FCP X.


1 This software allows basic edit to videos, such as merge or trim. It means before importing to FCP X, you can get a more acceptable video.
2 This software only supports importing of AVCHD, which is mainly from HD camcorders. If you have videos in other formats, such as MP4 or AVI, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac can meet you need.


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