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Convert AVCHD to Apple InterMediate Codec for iMovie Editing

Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac

Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac

Convert Panasonic AVCHD/AVCHD Lite files to Apple ProRes 422, Panasonic 1080p/720p MTS to AIC.
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Before camcorders were popularized, enjoying own videos is only a dream. But after camcorders' coming, everything was changed. We can shoot videos anytime and anywhere we want, such as birthday party, picnic enjoyment or even daily lives. These videos could be shared on various players, but usually with original effects. So, video editors came out. The most common video editors, such as iMovie, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Express and so on, are used by more and more people.

camcorder videos to editors

These editors allow to optimize videos, such as color correction, add transitions effects, merge clips to whole or add subtitle. With the modification, videos will be shown with better effects. And here comes the problem: not all the editors support AVCHD files from HD camcorders. (As AVCHD is now the main video format, we just take it as the example. And of course there are still lots of none-AVCHD videos.) If you have ever used iMovie or Final Cut Express to edit, you will find they could support AIC (Apple InterMediate Codec) directly, but refuse the importing of AVCHD. There is still no answers to why they don't support AVCHD, but the most common explanation is both the container and codec of AVCHD are too difficult to handle.  

avchd to mac

The best solution is to convert AVCHD to correct formats for editors. As iMovie is widely used, it luckily becomes our example in this article. It's mentioned that iMovie could read AIC directly. So, using a video conversion tool will help to get new AIC videos. There are lots of such converters on the websites, what necessary for you is just to pick the best one. There are several parts to compare: operability, quality output, time cost and the price.

Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac wins in the test finally. This software was produced for HD camcorder users. It works as the bridge between AVCHD and Mac editors. Powerful functions allow convert AVCHD to any other format, including AIC for iMovie. It is still easy-to-use anyone could manage it immediately. This picture shows you how it works.
avchd to mac video editor

Check the new videos, you will find quality output is high as original AVCHD videos. And the conversion process can be done in much shorter time than any other such video converter. What's more, the price is even lower than a cinema ticket.


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