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Convert for Burning AVCHD to DVD with iDVD

Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac

Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac

Convert Panasonic AVCHD/AVCHD Lite files to Apple ProRes 422, Panasonic 1080p/720p MTS to AIC.
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If you have only several video clips and photos, how to mix them together and then share with friends? Of course, showing such videos and photos one by one with a media player is a good choice. But if you have ever used iDVD, you'd love to make your own movies. Burning DVD becomes so easy with iDVD.
convert avchd for idvd

Wikipedia describes as this: iDVD is a DVD creation software application made by Apple Inc for Mac OS X. iDVD allows the user to add QuickTime Movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a DVD that can then be played on a commercial DVD player. It is often considered the last step of Apple's iLife suite, bringing together all the other iLife applications' results onto a removable medium.

Maybe these professional words will puzzle most people as limited persons will be interested in DVD making instead of getting to know how it works. No problem, it's totally enough for us to know how to burn to DVD. As in nowadays, HD camcorders are becoming so popular, most families choose to use these to capture videos. And usually these videos are with AVCHD format, which was considered as the most difficult to handle so far. Few video editors could support AVCHD directly, including iDVD.
burn avchd with idvd

When there is a problem, there is a solution. The best way to make AVCHD fit for iDVD is to change the video format. You can also call it "convert" or "transcode". This can be done with the help of video conversion tools. Such products can be found anywhere, but to choose a perfect one is not easy.

Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac, the best video converter, has captured much reliance from the users. That was totally because of its powerful functions. This software focuses on the quality of video output, and it's really succesful in it. What's more, the conversion process run in much shorter time than other such converters and that will save you much time. The following picture will show you how to Convert AVCHD for iDVD. That means after the conversion, you can directly burn DVDs as you like.
idvd burn dvd from avchd

Of course, another way to burn a DVD freely is using a video editor. Most people are so familiar with iMovie. That's because when using iMovie, after the editor, you can easily output the new videos into iDVD for burning directly. The only problem is iMovie could not recognize AVCHD files either. But with Aunsoft Panasonic AVCHD Converter for Mac, problems were solved. Just as the following picture shown, the same steps will help to get AIC files for iMovie, and then to iDVD for burning freely.
avchd to dvd


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