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Backup Blu-ray Movies on Mac with Ease

iMedia Converter for Mac

iMedia Converter for Mac

An all-in-one tool to convert all videos, decypt/copy/rip Blu-ray and DVD with high quality.
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I have no idea how many people out there are Blu-Ray collectors like me, I myself have a mountain of Blu-ray disc and I’m always want to backup my favorite movies on my Mac. The problem is that Blu-Ray disc can be easily damaged. Frequent use of them can result in the loss of image quality too. So anyway I needed a too that enables me to directly copy my movies to my hard drive. And Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac is such a great tool. It can perfectly convert all my present copies to HD video.


Now I’d like to introduce you this marvelous Blu-Ray & DVD converter. The following is the detailed steps you may find helpful.


Step 1: Load Blu-Ray movies to the all-in-one Converter
After launching this Mac iMedia Converter, click "BD/DVD Folder" button to add Blu-Ray through Blu-Ray drive.


Step 2: Choose “DiskCopy”
After you finished your loading, choose DiskCopy to backup your Blu-Ray movies.
The provided DiskCopy function allows you to absolutely make full copy of the Blu-ray disc in its original structure to your hard drive or Mac by only one click. It’s really that easy, convenient and fast!


Backup Blu-ray Movies on Mac, Diskcopy


Hope my information helps and you can enjoy the Blu-ray backup as I do.

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