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How to backup copy-protected DVD movie to hard drive and DVD?

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While we have many DVD discs with the favorite movies, do you want to backup the current disc to a new one? Why shall we backup our DVD disc? A disc will be corrupted after it is played for many times. There will be also unexpected issues like getting wet and destroyed. Copying DVD movie to hard drive and making a DVD backup disc will save us from losing our heart.


I find the free version of Nero Recode, Nero Recode 2 CE, which supports copying DVD and DVD main movies to hard drive in Nero digital MPEG-4 file in .mp4 format, and image file in .nrg format. For burning to DVD disc, the tool requires Nero Burning ROM to be installed, but there is no free version for Nero Burning ROM.


Nero Recode 2 CE only works with non-copy-protected DVDs. It does not work with DVD with AACS or Dolby Digital 5.1-channel audio. Most of the commercial DVDs include protection, and Nero Recode has no way to access it. Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper makes it possible to backup all DVD-Video discs to hard drive with DVD-Video file structures or record the main movie to different formats.


Here is how I backup copy-protected DVD movies to DVD, as it would not occupy my hard drive when the movie is burned to DVD.


Part I. Backup copy-protected DVD to hard drive.
As we mentioned before, Nero Recode does not work with DVD with AACS, we here use Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper to copy DVD to hard drive without encryption.


Step 1. Load DVD to the program.
Insert DVD disc to your DVD or Blu-ray DVD ROM, and click the BD/DVD Rom button on the program to load DVD. The DVD titles and chapters will be listed on the program within a few seconds.


Backup copy-protected DVD movie, Blu-ray Ripper DVD Copy


Step 2. Copy the full disk and get DVD-Video files with DVD structures
The program offers the quick button for full disk copy, making it easy to backup DVD-video disc to hard drive. After clicking the Full Disk Copy button, the program starts copying the disc to hard drive. Within a few minutes, the program will finish the task in 100%, and you can find the DVD-Video files with BUP files, IFO files and VOB files in VIDEO_TS folder.


Part II. Burn DVD-Video files to DVD disc.
To burn a DVD disc, a DVD-RW drive and the software Nero Burning ROM is required.


Step 1. Load video to Nero Recode.
Run the free version of Nero Recode and select the option Recode DVDs and Videos to Nero Digital, and click the Import Files button to select the output VIDEO_TS folder, and double click on the video to add as title.
Note: When there is DVD disc in the DVD drive, the button will change to Import DVD). As our DVD is copy-protected, we eject the original DVD when running Nero Recode.


Backup copy-protected DVD movie, Nero Recode Import File


Step 2. Select Audio and subtitle for DVD.
With the full disc copy function of Aunsoft, the audio and subtitle information remains as the original DVD disc. However, Nero Recode only supports two audio options and two subtitle options for output DVD.


Step 3. Burn DVD-Video files to DVD disc.
Click the Next button and you will face the following interface. Choose the DVD Writer from the drop-down list of Destination, and then click Burn.


Backup copy-protected DVD movie, Nero Recode Burn DVD


The encoding and burning will start and wait for a while to get a DVD backup.


Hope you enjoy the backup of DVD movies without copy protection.

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