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Batch convert MTS files to various formats simultaneously on Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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“I have been using Aunsoft MTS converter. I am trying to figure out if I can create/convert multiple clips from the same source MTS file at once, without having to convert each clip one at a time then go back to the source clip in the edit window and select the next in-and-out point.  The source files are long and that's a lot of back-and-forth to get multiple clips.  Other than that, happy with the product....”


AVCHD cameras/camcorders shot footage in .mts format, and automatically cut the recorded files into separate clips when they hit 2GB or some sizes similar, that’s why users always have a large number of video clips saved on the camera/camcorder when came back from a holiday travel, a birthday party, a wedding party, a graduation ceremony, or whatever else. Due to this, we assume the above mentioned requirement must not be a unique case, camcorder users always need figure out an easy way to handle their mts clips in batch. There is where Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac makes sense.


Aunsoft Final Mate (see Final Mate’s 5-Star Rate on CNET) not only supports importing multiple MTS files at once, but also supports copying the loaded MTS clips time and time again for output in different file types, so you needn’t add the same source twice to convert it to one format and then to another. You only need add the source files once, and then on Final Mate’s TimeLine, you can directly duplicate the same source to “Movie” panel, so as to operate different format conversion quickly, conveniently and simultaneously (the so-called MTS batch conversion).  


Load a MTS source file, right click the clip on the TimeLine, then a popup window says “Create A Single Movie with Selected”, just hit this option, then the source file will be duplicated to the “Movie” panel directly with everything original kept. If you click “Create A Single Movie with Selected” twice, you will have three same clips in “Movies” panel, which enables you to specify three different output formats for each .MTS clip respectively. This is how Final Mate for Mac makes MTS batch conversion possible.
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In addition, Aunsoft Final Mate also offers some editing features for users to do simple cutting or splitting on the source recordings before conversion. The “Clip” function divides one clip into two parts in form (the two parts are still included in one clip), and aims to help user modify different settings, e.g. brightness, saturation, and contrast on the two parts. The “Split the Clip” function separates one file into two clips, and the chopped part of the video will be displayed in “Movie” panel as well, which helps user specify different settings for the two parts respectively, including choosing different target formats.
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As regarding to format selection for each clip, you need do as following:
1. First off, Final Mate for Mac sets lossless output as target when first loading, so you need right click on the file to “Change Output Type to Conversion” as soon as the source files are added. After that, go to step 2…
mts batch conversion


2. Click on the format name “MP4”, after that the profile list pops up immediately as showing. Final Mate comes with numerous format presets for your various end uses, from common video (AVI, MOV, WMV, H.264, MPG, ASF…) to HD Video, and multimedia devices to professional editing apps, as well as 3D output. Simply select the format you want to convert to for each clip, then click the start button to begin MTS batch conversion. That’s how Final Mate batch converts MTS files to various formats simultaneously on Mac.  
batch convert mts files


You can do more with Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac (see Final Mate’s 5-Star Rate on CNET) software:
1. Time Line editing, edit your MTS clips on a Time Line
2. Frame by Frame editing, cut, split and trim your MTS clips on accurate frame
3. Manage the file in your camcorder by Camcorder Wizard

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