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Batch Convert Canon Vixia MTS footage for Uploading to YouTube

Final Mate

Final Mate

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If you have a camcorder like Canon Vixia HF10, a great camcorder tool is necessary for you. As the result of owning a Canon Vixia HF10, we shot videos or footages in MTS format. MTS which is a standard HD format has been used to be numbers of camcorders’ video format.

Certainly, MTS video format has its weakness as well as its advantage. On one hand, MTS means high video quality with up to 1920*1080, 24mbps resolution ratio, resulting in stunning image quality and smooth motion. On the other hand, the MTS video format also leads to huge file size, although it will not be a serious problem for most of us.


But how about uploading videos from AVCHD camcorder to YouTube? As is known to us that YouTube has a limitation of video size of 2GB and video lasts time of 15 minutes. The real trouble arises when you try to play, edit or upload these MTS files to YouTube or FaceBook.


Here I will share an excellent camcorder tool with you and introduce the detail steps to convert Canon Vixia HF10 MTS to MPEG4 for uploading to YouTube.


Step one, connect and load MTS files to Aunsoft Final Mate.

Connect Vixia HF10 to your computer and then run the program. The program will give you two ways at beginning. You can choose to backup MTS files to hard drive or directly import them to the resource tab of main interface.


Step two, create output movies for batch exporting.

In order to batch convert MTS videos, you should select the MTS files you want to convert and drag them to the movie tab. Then choose create movies for each video and output movies for conversion will be created.



Step three, set the output format and start the conversion of MTS to MPEG4 for YouTube.

Find the format icon near the movie and click to choose MPEG4 for output format. After that, right click at the movie and choose apply the settings to all movies. In this way you can batch convert all the MTS movies without extra effort. Finally click the export button to start the conversion.



Wait for a while and you will get the videos in a short time. Don’t worry about the video and audio quality because Final Mate allows you export videos with best quality being kept. If you are Mac users, just try the Final Mate for Mac, the steps are nearly the same as windows version.

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