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Batch or one-by-one convert MXF into MOV with multiple audio tracks preserved

TransMXF Pro

TransMXF Pro

Export and preserve the original multiple audio channels, Mix multiple audio tracks into one.
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Now, some popular and professional camcorders like Panasonic, Sony and Canon (such as Canon C300, Canon XF305) enable users to record multiple audio tracks MXF file format. Hope to keep the original multiple audio tracks in MXF video and play back it with media players like HDTV, VLC and Xtreamer? Or hope to edit multiple audio tracks MXF files in Adobe Premiere Pro, Movie Studio, HDPC, etc?  

Developing on the basis of TransMXF, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro is the one and only intact MXF Exporter, P2 card MXF/MXF Converter and MXF audio channel preserver. Perfectly adding two new features for helping users to preserve original MXF multiple audio tracks and mix multi- audio tracks into mono track, TransMXF Pro is the top choice to convert MXF files.

Here are 4 steps to help you convert MXF files with multiple audio tracks into MOV format simply and quickly. The following guide is based on Windows version (TransMXF Pro for Mac is also available. Both versions share the same operating procedures. )

Step1: Add MXF Material to Aunsoft TransMXF Pro
Launch Aunsoft TransMXF Pro, import MXF files to it. Click "add video which can only add one file a time (You can also drag MXF files into it directly.) Due to the program supporting batch conversion, you can select a folder and load all MXF files from it into TransMXF by clicking "add from folder". 

Note: To solve the no audio problem during conversion, you need to ensure whether the source MXF file has sound in preview before conversion. You can also preview on your camcorder, or use some official plug-in from Canon, Panasonic or Sony which n enable you to detect video info, such as audio tracks number.

Step2: Select the output format 
Just click "Format" icon, choose "Multi track MOV (*.mov)" as output target from format column. 

Note: In addition to converting MXF to high quality compatible Multi track MOV, Aunsoft TransMXF Pro can also export MKV, MP4 with multiple audio tracks for further editing, delivering, playing and broadcasting.

Step 3: Set advanced audio settings
Click "settings" to adjust your audio and video. You have more choices here, if you don’t want to keep all audio tracks, you can uncheck undesired ones. Besides you can also mix multi-audio tracks into individual track. 

Note: The system default will guarantee the best quality of audio, you can set audio profile as you need, for instance, you can set channels as stereo or 5.1 channels.
Besides, you can also set video profile.

Step 4: Convert MXF files into multiple track MOV.
Click "Convert" icon to start convert your MXF files to multi-audio MOV.

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