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Best Way to Play Videos on Apple iPad without USB Port

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Since the release of Apple iPad, there are many benefits of keeping an iPad. It is said that it supports many files like ppt, pdf as mail attachment. However, have you ever noticed that there is no USB port on iPad? Then, how to transfer videos and songs to iPad?

Actually, it is not the issue to iPad only. There is the same problem with Apple iPod, iPhone. Apple provides a cable connecter for iPad with the common USB port so that you can sync the files on computer to iPad. Besides the connector, you shall have iTunes installed on your computer to sync videos and songs to iPad. That means the media files shall be supported by iTunes. For the TV shows and music from iTunes store, there is no problem for direct sync. However, for the favorite videos on computer, the DVD movies on Blu-ray disc or widescreen DVD disc you purchased from Amazon or other retail stores, you shall convert them to iTunes compatible format. Here I would like to introduce you the full steps to sync videos to Apple iPad.

play video ipad

Required materials:

Apple dock connecter with USB cable

iTunes software

Video to iPad converter

For the video to iPad converter, I recommend Aunsoft Blu-Ray Video Converter Ultimate. It not only supports converting Blu-ray and widescreen DVD to iPad file, but also allows various video import formats like MKV, WMV, FLV, TOD.

Step 1. Import Blu-ray DVD and video to the all-in-one iPad converter

The iPad converter makes it possible to play any videos on Apple iPad, as it can handle most videos and Blu-ray DVD as source. The supported import file formats includes but not limited to *.tivo, *.avi, *.wmv, *.mpg, *.mp4, *.mov,*.flv, *.swf, *.mkv, *.mvi, *.mp3.

Step 2. Choose iPad profile as output

There are 3 default iPad profiles for you to choose from. The default profiles make it easy to get the videos in H.264 to play on iPad with high quality. You can also customize the output file specifications like bit rate, video size, frame rate and so on.

Step 4. Get iPad videos

Click the Convert button and the program start conversion. The time for conversion depends on the video files you want to convert.

Step 5. Add iPad videos to iTunes

Choose File > Add File to Library from the menu bar of iTunes, and then you can select the iPad videos from the output folder. The files will be added to iTunes in the twinkling of an eye.

Step 6. Connect iPad to computer

Use the Apple USB dock connecter which is available in the box after you purchased iPad. One port is particular for Apple iPad, and the other port is the common USB plug. This is necessary to get your iPad connected to computer. When it is successfully connected, the iPad logo will appear on iTunes.

Step 7. Sync videos to iPad

Drag the files from the iTunes library to the iPad logo on iTunes, and the mouse pointer will change to an Add sign “+”. Release the mouse and the videos will be transferred to iPad.

Then you can enjoy and play videos on iPad, no matter what formats your videos are.


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