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Best DVD ISO to iPhone 4 converter - Rip DVD ISO Image to MP4

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With the new iPhone 4 on hand, do you want to put your DVD ISO files from the Internet or your friends to iPhone 4 for watching? The DVD ISO image file is not supported by iPhone 4. Let's have a look at the DVD ISO file and iPhone 4 supported file.

What is DVD ISO?

A DVD ISO file is also known as a disc image file. It is an archive file of an optical disc in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). A valid ISO image is an uncompressed collection of various files with one single file as a result. With one file only, it is simple to transfer over the Internet or via a LAN connection. Windows applications like ImgBurn can help you create DVD ISO from unprotected DVD discs.


Convert DVD ISO to iPhone 4, DVD ISO Image iPhone 4

What videos does iPhone 4 support?

iPhone 4 supports H.264 .mp4/.mov/.m4v videos up to 720p, and MPEG-4 .mp4/.mov/.m4v videos up to 640x480.


To convert DVD ISO to iPhone 4, Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper is the recommended DVD ISO to iPhone 4 converter for you to easily load DVD ISO image file and convert to iPhone 4 720p .mp4 videos.


Step 1. Load DVD ISO to Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper.

Download DVD ISO to iPhone 4 converter, and click the IFO/ISO button to choose the DVD ISO image file from your computer hard drive.


Step 2. Choose iPhone 4 MP4 output.

Click the Format option and choose iPhone > iPhone 4 H.264 720P(*.mp4) for the output video.


Step 3. Choose subtitle for output. (optional)

Click the Subtitle option and choose the preferred subtitle language the iPhone 4 video. The convert will convert DVD ISO to iPhone 4 .mp4 video and hard burn the subtitle to the output video.

Convert DVD ISO to iPhone 4, DVD ISO iPhone 4 MP4


Step 4. Convert DVD ISO to iPhone 4.

Click the convert button under the preview window and the DVD ISO to iPhone 4 converter starts ripping DVD ISO to iPhone 4 720p MP4.



1. Besides loading DVD ISO image file, you can also load DVD IFO file or DVD disc, if you have DVD-Video file structure folder on hard drive or DVD disc. You can also load Blu-ray disc movies for converting to iPhone 4 with Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper.


2. If you are using iMac/MacBook Pro with Mac OS X, you can try the Mac DVD ISO to iPhone 4 converter.

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