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Best M2TS Merger – Join/Stitch Multiple M2TS Files into One M2TS without Recoding

Final Mate

Final Mate

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When I was looking for a fast m2ts joiner, I find Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter. However, when I have a further look at the official site, I notice that there is another powerful m2ts joiner named Final Mate, which offers the function to merge m2ts files into m2ts file without re-encoding.

Here is my experience with Aunsoft Final Mate to merge m2ts files and the steps to merge AVCHD files from different folders with lossless output.

Import M2TS files to Program for merging into one M2TS Movie.

Aunsoft Final Mate, as a fast m2ts joiner, will help you combine and merge m2ts files from PC or camcorder after imported to the program under the following conditions:
1. The .m2ts files that needed to be combined and merged are located on computer or camcorder. (M2ts files from Blu-ray are not supported.)

2. The .m2ts files are recorded with the same recording mode, or with at least the video codec, resolution (width x height) and video frame rate.


import m2ts files


- For videos from camcorder, just follow the camcorder wizard or click the Wizard button in Camcorder Tab to import videos to program, then drag and drop them to create one movie for lossless merging and exporting.

- For videos from computer, just browse the m2ts files from Resource Tab by selecting a path or clicking Add button to add a new path which stores M2TS files, then drag and drop them to create one movie for lossless merging and exporting.

The best m2ts joiner on PC will display each movie for separate movie ID when you create more than one movie and allows you to export lossless or make a conversion.

To merge m2ts files by creating into one lossless movie.

Just follow the step above to import the videos to Camcorder Tab or Resource Tab.

Then, please clickadd button under Movies Tab to create or add a new movie, this movie generally is a blank movie with nothing. By default, this movie is created for lossless output. After that, you can drag and drop M2TS files with same parameters like resolution, bitrate, framerate, codec, etc from Camcorder Tab or Resource Tab into this blank movie, and then output into only one movie without recoding.


Following is a blank movie for Lossless Output:


create a lossless movie


Following is a picture to show how to drag and drop videos into one movie for lossless output, and this step is to merge multiple M2TS files into one M2TS movie for lossless output.


drag and drop m2ts merging


Export M2TS without conversion.
After arranging the AVCHD .m2ts files, just click the Export button under the preview window, and you will face the window to confirm output details, if it is right, please click the OK button to start merging m2ts video clips into one m2ts file as output without re-encoding.


merge m2ts without recoding


Please note that the m2ts files with different parameter settings in frame rate or video codec will be not be merged. But you can merge and convert them to suitable formats.

1. The above steps also apply to .mts files, .mod files and .tod files for lossless quality output. You can imports videos from camcorders like Panasonic HDC-TM700/HS700/SD700, Sony HDR-CX150/CX350/CX550, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7/HX5V, Canon Vixia/Legeria HF S200/S20/S21, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7/TZ10, JVC Everio GZ-HD7/HD30/HD40 and so on.

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