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Best Travel Companion: Apple iPad VS Mini DVD Player

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iPad will kick out Mini DVD player

If the iPad is just for video, all those mini DVD players on the market will take a major hit.

Portable mini DVD player was once an ideal movie playing tool for long flights and car rides with its large, high-resolution widescreen display, long battery life and light weight. Now with the arrival of iPad, with its gorgeous touch screen, 9.7-inch LED backlit IPS display, up to 720p video resolution support, 10 hours battery life, 1.5 pounds weights, Netflix, huge movie offering of the iTunes stores, etc, Apple iPad is destined to leave Mini DVD Players in the dust.


iPad VS Portable Mini DVD Player


iPad VS Mini DVD Player

First let’s take a look at the specifications of both. For Sony DVP-FX930 is a winning and popular portable DVD player with its stunning high-resolution screen and longer battery life, so I just take it as an example.


iPad VS Mini DVD Player


First Round: iPad wins Mini DVD Player

Obviously iPad is lighter than Mini DVD Player, so it is easier for you to bring it everywhere. Then the screen display resolution of iPad is higher than mini DVD player, so it is sure to be a better device for enjoying high-quality movie. Moreover, iPad’s longer battery life is absolutely a great competitive advantage. From these three points, we can consider iPad as a better choice for movie enjoyment based on portability and video display effect.

Second Round: iPad wins Mini DVD Player

Then we can know that iPad has Netflix and the huge movies offering of the iTunes stores too (rent or buy), and you can even watch YouTube video online. iPad also supports playing H.264, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG-4, MJPEG video formats, so you can sync videos to your iPad via iTunes from your PC. So it is remarkable for enjoying kinds of videos. And all these can not be realized on Mini DVD player.

Third Round: Can Mini DVD Player win iPad?

Mini DVD player is a great and portable device for playback DVD movies when you travel. If you have a lot of DVD discs and only want to enjoy these DVD movies on your long trip, Mini DVD player is sure to be the thing you want. For you can’t even insert a DVD disc into the iPad. iPad can’t help you to play your DVD discs. So can we consider Mini DVD Player as the winner in this round? Not anymore. Cause right now, only an excellent DVD ripping program — Aunsoft DVD Ripper can help you play DVD movies on iPad and even act better than mini DVD player. Only one thing you need to do is to import your DVD movies into the program, rip and convert them into iPad workable format like iPad (*.MP4), then sync these converted videos to iPad. After that, you can enjoy your DVD movies on iPad with pristine quality for long flights and car rides, and you even need not take any DVD disc along. So, in this round, I think that iPad is still the winner for its convenience.

So enjoy your favorite movies on the road with large, high-resolution widescreen display and long battery life, this Apple iPad is sure to be the best companion when you travel.

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