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How to Burn Flash Video/FLV to DVD with Freeware?

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How to convert videos from sites like YouTube, Google, iFilm, putFilm to DVD? If you have powerful paid video to DVD burner, it may support burning FLV to DVD directly. But there are so many free DVD burner, why bother to buy? In this guide I will tell you how to convert FLV to DVD video format and burn your SD DVD with freeware imgBurn. Check it out!




Free YouTube FLV Downloader (Win)
Video Converter (Win/Mac)
imgBurn (Win)




Part 1: Download flash videos from video-sharing websites
While I’m not gonna say Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader is the best but certainly it’s one of the best free solution for downloading flash videos from YouTube, Google Video, Hulu, Fox and more. Paste in the FLV URL (if necessary), set output path in Folder box, name it in Save box and confirm. The download files will be placed in Library.


Part 2: Convert FLV to VOB for burning with all-in-one video converter
Now you’ve downloaded flash videos on your computer, it’s time to convert FLV to DVD video format VOB for burning. In this process, we’ll need a video converter tool which can perfectly converts FLV to VOB format. If the program provides different video aspect ratios to choose, it can be much more wonderful. Here I find the exact video converter that meets my requirements - Aunsoft Video Converter. The following is the detailed steps of Part 2.

Step 1: Launch video converter and add FLV files to the app
After you launch the video converter, add your flash videos to the program by clicking “Add” in the menu bar. Batch files are supported and you can merge/join your files to one output format by checking the box of “Merge into one file”.


Burn Flash Video (FLV) to DVD, FLV DVD1

Step 2: Edit your videos
“Editor” provides editing functions such as trim, crop, add text/image/video watermarks, replace audio, etc. You can also check “Apply to all” to apply your present settings to all your FLV files.


Step 3: Choose output format and specify output folder
Choose output format from “Format” drop-down list and specify destination path for your converted videos. As you can see from screenshot below, you are allowed to choose PAL DVD or NTSC DVD, 16:9 aspect ratio or 4:3. It’s up to you.


Burn Flash Video (FLV) to DVD, FLV DVD3


Step 4: Convert and get your VOB file
Click “convert” button to start conversion. Few minutes later, you can get converted VOB files in your destination folder by clicking “Open” button at the right of “Output” bar.


Part 3: Burn VOB to DVD with imgBurn

Step 1: Choose “Build” mode
Run imgBurn and you will face an Ez-Mode Picker. Choose “Write files/folders to disc” in Ez-Mode Picker or Choose “Mode”->”Build” to start building a project. The “Build” mode will allow you to write the files and folders directly to a disc.


Burn Flash Video (FLV) to DVD, Imgburn Mode


Step 2: Add VOB files to imgBurn


Burn Flash Video (FLV) to DVD, Imgburn Import


Import generated DVD NTSC VOB files into imgBurn by browsing for a source file or directly enter file path in the source drop- down list.


After that, insert your writable DVD and then choose “Output”-> “Device” or you can switch between the two output modes 'Device' or 'Image File', by clicking on the switch icon (see screenshot above). You can select the proper drive you are going to use if you have several drives installed.


By pressing “calculator image” icon your projects image size will be (re-)calculated and the “Image Information” values will be updated.

Step 3: Burn the Disc
Clicking on the “Burn” button, the building process starts with the writing to disc.


Burn Flash Video (FLV) to DVD, Imgburn Process

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