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Camcorder AVCHD Files to Mac—Editor or Player

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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Some friends send me e-mail to ask me to recommend them a perfect video editor. As a Mac-user, I will certainly suggest to use Final Cut Pro X, which is considered as the most powerful video editor in the world till now. And I also download some information about this software from the websites, hoping it's helpful to my friends.

On June 21, 2011, Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro, renamed to "Final Cut Pro X", heavily based on iMovie (leading some users to call it "iMovie Pro"). Described as a complete rewrite of the original application, FCP X is a 64-bit application with Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL support, allowing it to scale and use all available cores for background rendering.

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FCP X supports up to 4K resolutions and during import, can analyse footage and audio for automatic sorting into groups such as close-ups, medium shots, shots with two people or group shots as well as prepare the footage for quick, automatic fixes for defects such as lens flare, camera shake, rolling shutter, colour balance. Audio can also be analysed in an attempt to automatically remove hums, pops or other noticeable defects. It also features a 'Magnetic Timeline' which edits footage in the middle of the Timeline without knocking any other clips or audio out of place at other points of the Timeline.
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Final Cut Pro X is professional, but it's also special and stubborn. It has the native video format Apple ProRes 422, which means it can recognize and read this format directly. But to other formats, FCP X will refuse the importing or spend much time on the process of rendering. That's why most camcorder users have trouble in importing files into FCP X. As HD camcorders now mostly capture AVCHD videos with MTS or M2TS format, FCP X can't support this format directly. Usually, I will use a video converter to change the format from MTS to ProRes.

I have tried lots of such software. But none of them could satisfy me fully. Quality is much important to a video-maker, but such converters supply new videos with horrible quality. Images will be jumpy and sometimes the audio and video are out of sync. And most software asks for long time to finish the process, which really made me crazy. In my opinion, the software which can manage to transcode the videos in short time is just what I need. But it seems that I will never get the high quality in short time meanwhile, until I met Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.
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This software, in my opinion, is just designed for HD camcorder users, as it can only support importing of limited video formats: MTS/M2TS, TOD and MOD. But that's totally enough for me. Over 90% HD camcorders shoot MTS/M2TS files actually. I will just share the feature of this powerful camcorder assistant with everyone. If you have interested in video making, maybe you can follow my steps.

Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, which is usually used to convert videos, can also be treated as the video editor. Its main function is to convert the videos to any other format you want. As I recommend use Final Cut Pro X, you can just choose Apple ProRes 422 as the output format. To other devices or editors, correct format can be found easily after clicking the "format-choose" button. For example, you can also choose Apple InterMediate Codec for Final Cut Express 4 or iMovie, and choose Mp4 for your iPhone broadcasting. All in a word, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac has powerful function of conversion. But what will the quality of new videos be like? Actually, there will be quality loss more or less no matter which converter you choose. This software could keep the quality extremely, even like the same as the original ones.
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What's more, as a best camcorder assistant, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac supports basic edit to your videos. For example, if you have hundreds of video clips stored in the camcorder, this software could help to merge/join the clips together. If you have a much-long video, you can also use it to split to several parts. Of course, there are still functions which have not been listed, you can try by yourself. But pay attention to this sentence: these edit are basic on "lossless output", which means it will change nothing about the videos. So the quality will be the same as original videos, and process only cost several seconds in a super fast speed.

Comparing with other software, Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac wins in all areas: function, quality and price. If you have a camcorder, maybe it will be your best assistant.

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