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Transcode/Convert camcorder videos to AIC for iMovie editing

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

Best Mac Video Converter for iPad/iPhone 4/iTouch 4. Transcode HDV/AVCHD to ProRes, AIC,etc.
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Camcorders, especially the HD camcorders, have totally changed our lives. With this machine, everyone can capture own videos freely. Commemorative moments, such as picnic, birthday parties and vacations can be stored in the memory card, or transferred into computers/NAS so that one can enjoy anytime you want. Even when camcorders are so popular, most users will still be puzzled about the camcorder video formats. Actually, there are various video formats for different camcorders, such as MOV, Mp4, TOD, MOD and MTS/M2TS.

camcorder videos to imovie

As too many video formats exist from different camcorders, there must be problems when dealing with such videos. For example: media players such as WDTV can support MKV natively, iPhone and iPad choose MOV format, video editors such as iMovie can read AIC (Apple InterMediate Codec) as FCP prefers Apple ProRes. You know, none of the camcorders could capture AIC or ProRes videos directly, so how to get such videos from camcorders? In another word: How to convert camcorder videos to other formats?
convert camcorder videos

As now the video editor iMovie is widely used in camcorder-users, I will just take it as the example to introduce how to transcode the camcorder videos and recommend a software, which is called Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac. iMovie was released by Apple, it can only be ran on Mac system. And its native video format is AIC, which means it could handle this format video directly. But to other formats, when being imported into iMovie, two problems will appear: 1 iMovie refuses to read the files. 2 Much Rendering time is required. The problems are so common that maybe everyone has ever met. So, how to solve it?

Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac has powerful functions to deal with videos in different formats. It mainly works to help transcode videos from one to another. And it could support lots of formats to import, including all the formats I mentioned in the top of this article. It also supports various formats output meanwhile. The offical website shows the main video formats detailedly. Of course, these video formats contain all the camcorder videos at the same time. When being used to convert/transcode video formats, Video Converter for Mac could keep the high quality of the original video quality. And the process has only three steps: import, convert and export. Just like the picture shown.
transcode camcorder videos for imovie
Step 1: Click to import the files into Video Converter for Mac
Step 2: Choose correct formats (AIC for iMovie editing)

Step 3: Output videos in the new format

The three steps show how it easy to use this software. You will find it's really powerful after using it.


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