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Camera/Camcorder videos to QuickTime Player-Videos to MOV

Video Converter for Mac

Video Converter for Mac

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QuickTime is an extensible proprietary multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc. It is available for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. As the most successful media player, QuickTime Player supports playback of most format videos. But not all can be broadcasted smoothly. Some videos on QuickTime Player will be image jumpy. That is totally because QuickTime Player chooses MOV as its native video format, and Mp4 can also be handled well. But to the other formats, there must be broadcasting problems more or less.

camera videos to quicktime

In the before, people have to store videos in tapes. But since the digital cameras and camcorders were produced, everything was changed, especially when HD camcorders were popular. In nowadays, camcorders could capture various formats of videos, such as MTS/M2TS, TOD, MOD, Mp4 and so on. It has been introduced that QuickTime Player can only read MOV and MP4 freely, so how to play such camera or camcorder videos on QuickTime Player smoothly?
camcorder videos to quicktime

The most common way is to convert the camcorder video formats. This process depends on decoding the videos and then re-encoding. You know: difference about formats is because of difference on the codec and container of videos. Through the conversion, either the codec or the container will be re-built, and the formats will be changed meanwhile. With a video conversion tool, one can easily convert the video formats. And there lots of such tool on the websites. What you need is just to pick a perfect one. As most such tool can manage the conversion process, it's important to choose one who can keep the highest quality of original videos. As there must be some quality loss in the process, some converters can only convert, but supple horrible quality output. Usually the images become jumpy, and sometimes audio and video come out of sync.

Luckily, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac could help to get rid of such quality loss problems. This software is powerful as it could handle various format videos to import, of course including the camera and camcorder videos. It's such a easy-to-use software that anyone could manage to use it the moment as download. Usually the process could be summarized as three steps: Import, Convert and Export. After importing the files (camera or camcorder videos) into Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac, just select the correct format for QuickTime Player (MOV), and then set correct path for exporting. After short time, you will get a totally new video.
convert camcorder videos to mov

What's more, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac also supports basic edit to videos, such as merge, cut and trim. This will help to make the videos more acceptable. Suppose you just need to do basic edit to the videos, with Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac, you will no longer need to run iMovie, FCP or such heavy software.


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