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Canon to iMovie – turn Canon recordings into editable files in iMovie

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Whether you are a beginner or advanced professional looking for a digital camera, Canon is ready to give you a great choice. When traveling around, anticipating a party (birthday or wedding), a graduation ceremony, or something meaningful else, you always have opportunity to shoot footage with a Canon camera. With video editing software, like iMovie, you are able to turn your home videos into your all-time favorite films in an easy way. As a matter of fact, iMovie does not give native support for each kind of cameras, and the following contents may give you some hints on this.


Quoting from
“Symptoms: Importing footage from a Panasonic or Canon camcorder into iMovie '09 that was filmed in Digital Cinema Mode may cause jittery playback.


Resolution: If you plan on importing clips into iMovie '09, do not use Digital Cinema Mode settings when recording with your camcorder.” - But If you already have recorded footage in Digital Cinema Mode, what to do? Let things happened to happen again, and then shot them again? Definitely not.


canon footage to imovie


See another problem when importing camera footage to iMovie:
“Some camcorders that record multiple formats require extra steps to import both formats into iMovie ’09. If you have recorded both AVCHD and MP4 (or iFrame) formats with certain camcorders, iMovie will only recognize the MP4/iFrame video clips in its 'Import' window.”- Is there a way to make things easier?  


Surfing online, you will find there are lots of camcorders users who are perplexed by importing issues when loading Canon footage to iMovie for editing. For example, I found one at, which said, “I'm using the iLife '11 version of iMovie on my MacBook Pro and MacPro desktop and neither is recognizing my Canon Vixia HF S20 camcorder when I connect it via the USB cable. The strange thing is the Canon icon and SD card icon both show up on my desktop but iMovie isn't recognizing the camcorder as connected and therefore won't import the files. When I try to manually import the files from the SD card, iMovie says there are no recognizable files, although the AVCHD file are definitely there (this is consistent with all my recordings and not just on one SD card). I wrote Canon and they have no idea why this occurring, claiming it's an Apple issue. Any idea what's going on and how I can solve it?”


It’s really a hair-pulling situation when you have Canon recordings, but couldn’t import them to iMovie to create your own movies. If it’s an Apple issue, how could users bypass the problem? Before Apple giving out a proper solution, a Canon video to iMovie converter software should come to show its value. Here we recommend Aunsoft Canon Video to AIC Converter, which is specially designed for Mac users to convert incompatible Canon videos to Mac workable files. In other words, you can use the Canon video conversion tool to transcode Canon AVCHD files to iMovie editable files, or convert Canon MXF footage to iMovie/FCE supported file types, so on and so forth. 


As a piece of professional Mac Canon converter software, Aunsoft Canon video converter for Mac also features optimized format presets for other popular Mac editing software and Apple devices, so besides translating Canon video to iMovie(turn Canon recordings into editable files in iMovie), consumers can create files suitable for Final Cut Pro (X), Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, iPad, Apple TV, iPhone 4S, iTouch as well.


For those who are planning to buy a Canon camera and edit Canon recordings with iMovie, we suggest that you’d better go to local store and check whether it is workable with iMovie. Or you can visit to confirm which Canon cameras have good compatibility with iMovie, no matter you are using iMovie’08, iMovie’09, or iMovie’11.  


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