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How to Capture Snapshots/Screenshots on Mac for Free?

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Do you know how to take snapshots on Mac? In my daily life, I would like to collect beautiful pictures for my wallpaper on iMac, iPhone. Taking a screenshot should be easy. If you do not know how to get immediate snapshots yet, here is the right guide for you to freely capture snapshots on Mac.


Three tools are enough to capture screenshots. There is built-in Apple Snapshot application for capturing any area on the Mac screen, and VLC media player helps capturing different snapshots from multiple videos. Another free tool is Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac to take Blu-ray, DVD and even the extras on Blu-rays and DVDs.


How to capture screen with Apple Snapshot Application?
The snapshot enables us to capture any screen and the area. It could be done with pretty simple steps:


Step 1. Press Command + Shift + F4.
The mouse cursor will turn to a plus sign with location values.
Step 2. Select the screen for capturing just clicking the mouse and move the mouse cursor for the content you want.
Step 3. The snapshot will be saved on desktop with the capturing time as file name.


How to take a snapshot of videos on Mac with VLC Media Player?
VLC Media Player provides an easy way to capture snapshots and it plays various media files like *.wmv, *.mp4, *.mov, *.avi, *.m2ts, *.mkv. While watching video on VLC Media Player, you can take snapshots from the menu Video > Snapshots. It is very easy to get the snapshots. Below is the screenshot of the menu selection. In fact, it is taken using the Apple built-in snapshot tool.


Free Capture Snapshots/Screenshots on Mac, Vlc Video Snapshot Mac


You can change the saving location of the VLC Media Player on Mac by choosing from the menu Tools > Preferences, and click the Video button to find Video snapshots section to specify output folder.


Free Capture Snapshots/Screenshots on Mac, Vlc Video Snapshot Folder


How to take immediate snapshots of most videos on Mac?
Although VLC Media Player is powerful, it still does not support certain formats. Even if it indicates of supporting .m2ts, it sometimes does not play smoothly. With Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, which includes functions to get immediate snapshot, most the media file could be loaded for free snapshots.


Step 1. Load video and BD/DVD to Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac.
Click BD/DVD Folder to load Blu-rays and DVDs, and click Add to load videos like .vro, .tivo, .evo, .m2ts and .avi.


Free Capture Snapshots/Screenshots on Mac, Free Snapshot Tool iMedia


Step 2. Play video and take snapshots.
Select the video item and click the play button under the preview window on the right. The video starts playing, and click the Snapshot button to capture immediate snapshots.


After clicking the snapshot button, you can click the Browse button next to the Snapshot button to open the folder with snapshots.


With the free Mac snapshot tools mentioned above, there is no difficulty collecting the wallpapers and thumbnails.

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