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How to choose Blu-ray DVD titles and chapters for conversion?

iMedia Converter for Mac

iMedia Converter for Mac

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So far, Final Cut Pro (FCP) does not support Blu-ray disc, and I would like to load some clips to it for editing, making my own movies and presentation. I have some movies on Blu-ray discs and tried some Blu-ray rippers for converting Blu-ray to AVI. However, it is difficult to find the segments I want, because only M2TS files are listed on the Blu-ray ripper tools. I have to click on every file to see if it is what I want.


Good news is that I was recommended to use Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, and it lists the titles and chapters when loading Blu-ray DVD disc. It is easy enough to just select a title or a chapter for conversion. Only fours steps are needed. Let me show how I choose Blu-ray title and/or chapter for conversion to AVI.


Step 1. Run the application and import Blu-ray DVD.
Aunsoft iMedia Converter actually supports loading Blu-ray disc, DVD disc and videos. Just insert Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray drive and click BD/DVD Folder button to load the entire movie.

Step 2. Choose the titles and chapters for conversion.
Soon after loading, you will find the titles and chapters for the Blu-ray disc. The main movie is listed as the first title for easy conversion. Other titles are extras. With the titles and chapters listed, it is easy to make decision from the main movie. Just make sure the checkbox of the titles and chapters for conversion is ticked.


Choose Blu-ray title & chapter


Step 3. Choose output format.
After selecting the titles or chapters for editing on Final Cut Pro, I choose AVI as the output format for FCP. It is because that AVI could be lossless. Just click the drop down box of Format and choose AVI from the Common Video group.


Step 4. Convert Blu-ray DVD to AVI for Final Cut Pro.
Click the Convert button under the preview panel, and the conversion of the selected chapters and titles starts. You shall wait for a while to get Blu-ray titles and chapters for Final Cut Pro.


The useful Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac saves your time from converting video with Blu-ray DVD chapters and titles, and spend more time on video creation on editing tools like Final Cut Pro.

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