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Combine Sony HDR-XR550 AVCHD Files for TVIX without Recoding

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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TVIX is the box-product as a personal video recorder and a media player. It supports a large range of movie and music formats for home entertainment. The supported formats include but not limited to MTS, M2TS, MKV, AVI, VOB, MPG, ASF, TP, TS, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. If you play the sequential MTS/M2TS files recorded by you camcorder, you may find that TVIX does not play them seamlessly.


After googling the TVIX AVCHD Joiner, I find Aunsoft Final Mate is a great choice. It can merge multiple mts clips into one file, and then convert the merged file to MP4 for playback with TVIX player.     
sony xr500 join avchd tvix


Follow the steps below to join AVCHD files and convert MTS to MP4 for TVIX with less degradation of video quality. Here we take Sony HDR-XR550 video footage as the source files.


Step 1. Import camcorder videos to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as the time-saving AVCHD combiner without degrading quality, and click the "Add A Path" button to browse the AVCHD files in .mts and .m2ts format from computer hard drive. If you have the files on camcorder, just connect camcorder to PC via USB cable, and choose the Import option in the camcorder wizard to load files.
 mts to tvix

Step 2. Combine MTS/M2TS video footage.
Drag and drop the sources .mts files into Movie Column, and tick off “Create A Single Movie” option to merge your MTS clips into one file. Notice that your MTS clips should have the same parameters (bite rate, frame rate, resolution, etc.), otherwise Final Mate will refuse to join them into one file. Click format icon to switch lossless mode to conversion mode by selecting “Change Output Type to Conversion”, and then click the format icon again to select the expert settings for TViX under HD Player option.
convert mts to mp4 for tvix

Step 3. Convert MTS to MP4 for TViX player
Click the "Export" button to start converting merged MTS file to MP4 for TViX player. After the conversion is finished, you can play camcorder videos at home with TVIX box for entertainment.   

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