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Compare Sony CX150 with Canon S200 - Sony HDR-CX150 vs Canon HF S200 for HD Recording Spec

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One of my friends came to me for advice choosing from Canon Vixia HF S200 and Sony HDR-CX150. The two camcorders are the new 2010 consumer models. The VIXIA HF S200 can record crisp, high definition video directly to two SD memory card slots, and Sony CX150 is small size with attractive price.


Sony-CX150 VS Canon HF-S200


Let's have a look at the quick comparison of the specifications of Canon HF S200 and Sony HDR-CX150.


Comparison Sony-CX150 Canon




1) The Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization with Powered IS in Canon HF S200 provides continuous adjustment throughout the entire zoom range to correct a broad range of motion. The SteadyShot image stabilization with Active mode in Sony HDR-CX150 also makes smooth video movement. The LCD screen for Canon HF S200 is 3.5" high resolution touch panel, and the LCD screen for Sony CX150 is 2.7" LCD.  +1 Canon, -1 Sony.


2) Canon HF S200 is the full HD camcorder to record AVCHD videos with MPEG4-AVC / H.264. The videos could be stored as 60i, native 24p, or 30p at AVCHD-compliant 24Mbps, 17Mbps. Sony HDR-CX150 does not only record 1080i AVCHD videos, but also standard definition .mpg video with MPEG-2 codec. The SD video would work on most Windows PC, but there will be compatibility issue for playing the videos from Canon HF S200 or CX150 on QuickTime Player on Mac. Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is the recommended Mac Camcorder video converter for handling videos from Canon HF S200 and Sony CX150.  -1 Canon & Sony/


3) Canon HF S200 includes two SD memory card slots, but no built-in memory. When the first SD memory card is full during video shooting, the video will be stored in the next SD memory card with the Relay Recording. Sony HDR-CX150 includes 16GB internal flash memory and one SD memory card slot for expanding. You need buy SD memory card for storing videos and images with Canon HF S200, or buy additional SD memory card for Canon HF S200 to use the Relay Recording function. For recording 1920x1080 in MXP and FXP modes, a a Class 4 or higher SDHC Card is required. The CX150 16GB can store 85-minute videos with FX mode for HD recording and about 4-hour videos for standard definition recording in HQ mode.  -1 Canon, +1 Sony.

Both Canon HF S200 and Sony CX150 provide HDMI port for direct playback on HDTV. If you would like to have easy control with touch LCD screen and long time video recording, Canon HF S200 would be the choice model. If you seldom manually control the video recording and shooting, Sony CX150 would be the best choice with less payment.


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