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Video Format Solution-The New iPad and iPad 2 Compare

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Video Converter

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The 3rd-generation iPad, whose name is The New iPad, has been released, and most fans have purchased this latest product. You must be interested in the change between iPad 2 and the new iPad. I’ve read lots of such articles on various websites. But actually most of them can’t give the correct answer to this question. And finally I got a table about the Parameter of the two iPads. Before the table is shown, we can view a picture from Apple Offical Website.


And from this, we can easily get that the most obvious improvement is the resolution of video supporting: from 1024×768 to 2048×1536. That’s four times the number of pixels in iPad 2 and a million more than an HDTV. This brings us sharper images and more smooth video broadcasting, satisfying most movie fans.

Here is the picture showing the difference of the parameter (distinction is shown in green).


But we still have to notice the problem, which Apple always brings us: the video format. As you know, Apple products consider MOV/MP4 as their native format, for example: iPad, iPod and iPhone, even the Apple video edit software chooses MOV, such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie. So, generally speaking, we have to convert movies to MOV/MP4 before sharing (the reason for conversion is totally because limited movies downloaded are in MOV or MP4 format, most of them are in MKV or other formats.) So, how to convert the video formats will be the first problem for those new iPad users.

Handbrake is a comfortable tool for us to achieve the effect of conversion. This software is easy-to-use. What's more, it's Free. But through my test, the quality output usually will be not that high. It means it can convert the video format by losing some quality of your original ones. The video Quality is the most important for the movie fans, but how to get high quality output movies with format converted?

Here I'd recommend everyone a video conversion tool, whose name is Aunsoft Video Converter. As it can only run on Mac platform, you can get that this software is mainly designed for iPad iPhone and iPod owner, or professional video-makers using Apple video editors. And here I will just use iPad as the example. The instruction is redundant. Just follow the step-by-step course to manage this software.

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