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Complete Blu-ray backup guide to create main movie in .m2ts with best quality

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There are many questions about making Blu-ray backup and getting the main title with the original quality. The main problem is that the BD disc movies are copy protected. With just a professional blu-ray ripper and several free tools, it could be done.


I have tested tsMuxeR, but there is video and audio sync problem in the output file. I found Aunsoft Final Mate as quick M2TS joiner without recoding. However, it does not support the multi-stream M2TS files from the decrypted BDMV folder.


After playing around the applications, I figure out the workflow like below:
1. Rip Blu-ray disc to hard drive.
2. Get m2ts file with a single video stream and audio stream with tsMuxeR.
3. Merge m2ts files into one with Aunsoft Final Mate.

Below is the complete blu-ray backup guide for you to create main movie in .m2ts with best quality, and no conversion is needed.


Part I. Rip Blu-ray disc to hard drive.

If you have already removed the copy protection from the Blu-ray disk, you can skip this step. To rip blu-ray disc files to PC hard drive, Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper is the recommended tool for you to remove copy protections like BD+, AACS (up to MKBv20), and make a full disk copy.



Step 1. Insert the BD movie disc to BD ROM, run Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper, click the first button to load BD disc from BD ROM.


Step 2. Click the Browse button for Output to change the target folder you would like to save the decrypted files.



Step 3. Click the Full Disc Copy button to start making 1:1 backup on computer hard drive.


Part II. Keep single stream from multi-stream m2ts file.

Even though tsMuxeR is said to support joining m2ts files into one, for the sync problem I mentioned above, I here just use it to remove tracks from .m2ts files and keep it compatible with Aunsoft Final Mate.



After unzipping the txMuxeR, there are the command line version and GUI version: tsMuxeR.exe and MuxerGUI.exe. After several attempts with the GUI version, I find it pretty annoying to import one file at a time, and then unchecked the unnecessary tracks. I tried the command line version and get it work.


Option 1. With GUI version of tsMuxer:


Step 1. Click the add button to import a m2ts file from the output format. The tracks info will be listed and checked.


Step 2. Uncheck the unwanted tracks with only one video track and one audio track checked.



Step 3. Choose M2TS muxing option as output and click the Browse button to change the output file path. We need a new folder to keep the original files intact.


Step 4. Click Start muxing button to remove multiple streams/tracks from BD m2ts file.


Option 2. With command line version of tsMuxer: (We need the GUI version to get stream parameters.)


Step 1. Get the stream parameters.
Import a file to the GUI version of tsmuxer, the meta info will be listed like below:
V_MS/VFW/WVC1, "D:\testvideo\source\00001.m2ts", fps=23.976, track=4113
A_AC3, "D:\testvideo\source\00001.m2ts", track=4352


Step 2. Get the files ready for removing tracks.
Create a notepad file with .txt as file extension in the same folder of the command line tsMuxeR.exe file, e.g. file27.txt. Copy the two lines of meta info we get from the GUI version and paste to the file1.txt. Close the notepad file, and change the file extension .txt to .meta.

I had a look at other m2ts files, and the track info are the similar, like 4113 for video and 4352 for audio. So we could create notepad files according to the number of the .m2ts files. So there shall be file1.meta, file2.meta…


Step 3. Run the DOS window from Start > Run > cmd.


Step 4. Point to the folder of tsMuxeR.exe and run tsMuxeR.exe.
If the tsMuxeR.exe is in the different folder of the default path, type the disc name like "d:" in the DOS window and click Enter key. Then type cd and click Enter key. Copy and paste tsMuxeR.exe to run the application.


Step 5. Generate M2TS file with single video track and audio track.
In the DOS window, type tsMuxeR .


As we have created files in order, it is easy to change the number and keep single stream from multi-stream m2ts file.


Part III. Merge Blu-ray M2TS to one file without re-encoding.

With the m2ts file ready in the same folder, we can merge them quickly with Aunsoft Final Mate.


Step 1. Add m2ts files folder to Aunsoft Final Mate.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate, click the Resource tab, and then click the Add file path button. Choose the folder with the m2ts files with single video track and single audio track. The files will be listed on the Resource tab then.


Step 2. Join/Stitch BD M2TS files as lossless movie.
Press Ctrl + A to select all the files, and then drag to timeline. The files will be joined as one movie for lossless output. Since there are some files that would be repeated by in different file name, you may need to have a look at the thumbnail files and determine which files to keep as main movie.



Step 3. Stitch Blu-ray Disc M2TS files into one without re-encoding.
Click the Export button, and click the OK button to start making a lossless Blu-ray main movie in .m2ts format.


Hope you enjoy the steps above to rip Blu-ray main movie to M2TS without any quality loss.

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