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Compose Panasonic AVCHD MTS/M2TS for iPad with Airplay

Final Mate

Final Mate

Capture videos from camcorders directly. Convert AVCHD to any format for editing or playing back.
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With Panasonic HD Writer AE 2.1, you may notice 4 kinds of files are created for each clip: .m2ts, .pmpd, .cont, and .tmb. Even though the videos are marked as .mts on camcorder, it is created as .m2ts with HD Writer AE 2.1. It sounds like a bit complicated, but I face the above mentioned 4 files with HD Write AE.


While you just want to backup the .mts files from camcorder, or put the recorded videos to iPad, which has been updated for AirPlay, Aunsoft Final Mate is the best choice for you. It is no longer necessary to handle the complicated videos for backup, you can also merge and convert mts/m2ts videos to iPad. If you have CUDA-capable NVIDIA video card or Intel CPU with AVC acceleration, you may also enjoy the 3x and even 5x faster conversion speed to save a lot of time.


mts m2ts ipad cuda intel


Below is the quick guide for you to backup raw mts videos from camcorder to computer, and convert mts/m2ts to iPad 720p MP4 files.


Step 1.Backup Panasonic HDC-HS700 videos from camcorder to PC HDD.
Run Aunsoft Final Mate as the fast AVCHD to iPad converter with CUDA and Intel decoder, connect camcorder to computer via USB cable 2.0. Choose to run the wizard in the pop-up window and backup the videos to your Hard drive. It may take some time for transferring the videos from camcorder to PC HDD, just wait for a while.


Step 2. Merge AVCHD files into one.
When the backup is completed, click “Add A Path” option to load MTS files into Final Mate from your HDD. Drag and drop them to Movies Column, and then tick off “Create A Single Movie” to merge them into one file.     
panasonic mts to ipad


Step 3. Select iPad HD video MP4 as target.
If you are the first user of Final Mate, click format icon to change output mode from Lossless to Conversion by clicking “Change Output Type to Conversion”.

convert mts to mp4 for ipad

Afterwards, click the format icon again to choose iPad HD Video (*.mp4) as output from the drop down list under iPad option.   
play mts with ipad

Step 4. Convert MTS to MP4 for iPad
Click “Export” button to start converting MTS to MP4 for iPad. When the conversion is done, just add the videos to iTunes library and sync to iPad for wireless video streaming on HDTV with Apple TV G2. If you have other devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, or want to edit the videos on application not supported AVCHD yet like Magix Movie Edit, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, Avid MC 4, Avid Express, Aunsoft Final Mate will help you convert AVCHD videos with NVIDIA CUDA and Intel CPU.

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