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Why and How to Convert AVCHD to MOV for iMovie Editing

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iMovie really should have the ability to import AVCHD files by selecting any device/folder via the import dialog box. This would allow users to select .mts and m2ts clips from local hard disk on Mac directly to do further editing. Apple seems always on the way to fix the problem, so users still need make efforts to turn their MTS clips from AVCHD cameras into editable files with iMovie, from iMovie’08, iMovie’09, to the newest iMovie’11.

Here are the common problems when importing AVCHD films from camcorders to iMovie 11, listing as:

1 Why can't iMovie read .mts clips from local hard disk?
2 How to make AVCHD files compatible with iMovie?
3 Why choose MOV as iMovie native format?
4 Which product can totally help iMovie to read .mts files

If you have ever learned how iMovie works with the AVCHD films, you will be clear about the relationship between them two. This article will teach how to import the AVCHD files into iMovie for further editing.

Actually, iMovie has no ability to recognize the AVCHD files directly. Maybe some users find that when connecting with the camcorders, iMovie could read the .mts files. So they consider that iMovie could handle the AVCHD files from cameras or camcorders, but not from the local hard disk. Actually it's not truth: iMovie could read the Raw Films from camcorders, but not the Digital Data. When the films are transferred from camcorders to local hard disk, information will be changed into digital data, which can’t be recognized by iMovie. So this is the answer to the first question.

Of course, not all the video files from camcorders are supported by iMovie. Maybe  the video about 1080/60p or 1080/50p AVCHD to iMovie could supply the information necessary.   

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Let's continue talking about the second problem: How to make AVCHD files compatible with iMovie. This problem usually puzzled users who can't import the files from local resource or camcorders to iMovie. The most widely used way is to convert AVCHD to MOV for iMovie. iMovie, as the Apple product, has its native video format: MOV. This means it could read these MOV files directly and smoothly. And that's why most users choose conversion as the solution of importing AVCHD to iMovie 11.

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After reading the words above, you must be clear about how to make your camcorder AVCHD files compatible with iMovie. But some users will still be puzzled about the third problem: Why choose MOV? Just because it's iMovie native video format? The answer is quite easy: as the native format, MOV could be read more smoothly, so the time cost on "rendering" will be much reduced. Not only iMovie, but also FCP will face the same problem of rendering. If you use MOV, the time will be super short, leaving one much time on the main job: edit.

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So, which product is the first choice? In the market, Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac is now accepted by more and more iMovie users. This friendly software has magic power to attract eyes from users for its easy-operation and powerful functions. You can get new MOV files from camcorder AVCHD through the three steps: Import, Convert and Export. Maybe some users notice that in the profile, after selecting iMovie, you will get AIC video format. This is because The Apple Intermediate Codec is less processor intensive, as the compression scheme did not need the next frame to be displayed.

AIC (Apple InterMedia Codec) is actually a video codec when MOV is file container. Working with the Apple Intermediate Codec is less processor-intensive, and this will supply videos with higher quality.

After using Aunsoft MTS Converter for Mac, you will get that it's really a perfect product, which can totally solute the problems of making AVCHD compatible with iMovie.

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