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Convert FIFA World Cup Games TiVo to MPEG for NAS Sharing

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Convert World Cup TiVo to MPEG for NAS, Fifa World Cup Tivo NAS


Starting from June 11 to July 11, there are 64 games for the FIFA World Cup, which is held in South Africa this year. Even though most of us could not go to the 10 stadiums in 9 cities of South Africa, we can stay in front of the HD TV, and watch the favorite teams to goal. We can use the sports collections of TiVo to get the events and web content, and even record with TiVo Premiere.


After recording the first half of the game between Brazil and Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK) for the World Cup, you may like to put the first half to the Network Attached Storage (NAS) so as to continue recording the second half. However, the first half does not work on your TV in the bedroom. How to deal with it? Now with Aunsoft Video Converter, you can convert TiVo to MPEG for home network devices. This TiVo Converter is the perfect tool for TiVo videos, as it exports MPEG files within a blink.


You first need use TiVo desktop software named TiVoToGo to transfer the TiVo videos to your computer, and run the TiVo to MPEG converter to rip TiVo for your NAS. You can download the TiVo desktop software here. To rip the transferred TiVo to MPEG, just follow the steps below.


Step 1. Load TiVo videos to Aunsoft Video Converter.
Click the Add button to load FIFA World Cup TiVo videos. While you have enter the Media Access Key (MAK) for TiVo video when using the TiVoToGo, the program does not ask me for the MAK again from the same TiVo Premiere. However, if the TiVo video is from different TiVo Premiere, the program will pop up a window for you to enter the MAK.


Step 2. Choose directly copy TiVo videos on the program.
Click the Format option and find the Copy group. There is only one option Directly Copy under the group. Just choose Directly Copy and the program will convert World Cup TiVo videos to MPEG fleetly.


Convert World Cup TiVo to MPEG for NAS, Convert W orld Cup Tivo MPEG


Step 3. Convert TiVo to MPEG
Click the convert button under the preview window and the conversion from TiVo to MPEG starts immediately.


Step 4. Transfer MPEG videos to NAS.
Use the wired or wireless network and transfer the output videos to NAS. It is very easy to make the TiVo videos




With the directly copy function of the TiVo to MPEG converter, you do not need to change the bit rate and frame rate settings, as the program will use the original settings of the TiVo video. If you want to convert TiVo video to portable devices like iPad, iPhone 4G, iPhone 3G, Zune, you can choose from the format and change the bit rate and resolution for output videos.

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