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How to Convert Handycam HDR AVCHD to AVI/WMV?

MTS/M2TS Converter

MTS/M2TS Converter

A professional MTS/M2TS Converter, MTS/M2TS file joiner. Convert/merge MTS/M2TS videos.
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You will never want to go back to a non-HD camcorder after you shoot with Sony Handycam HDR SR12E digital camcorder even for once. The quality of high definition video (AVCHD footage) recorded with this machine is quite outstanding. Yes, it’s quite remarkable that you can even see the smallest details even at a fair distance when viewed on a full HD television using an HDMI cable. However, at the same time you want to play all your interesting recordings on you PC or every computer machine. It’s not as easy as to connect your camcorder to your PC with USB cable, for your Windows Media Player just can’t recognize all your AVCHD footage after you copied the files to your computer. You are right that we need an AVCHD converter to solve the problem, a professional one with excellent video quality if possible. 

Convert AVCHD MTS for Avid Express Pro, Sony AVI


This Sony HDR AVCHD Converter is well performed, stable and does what it says on the tin!

The other strength of this AVCHD Converter is that it also works as a great MTS/M2TS joiner. You are allowed to merge multiple AVCHD footage into one single output. It’s just a life save for you as you was faced with hundreds of MTS clips.


This is how the program looks like:

Convert AVCHD MTS for Avid Express Pro, Song HDR1

Guide on converting AVCHD MTS/M2TS to AVI, WMV, MPG

1. Drag and drop MTS/M2TS files into the program.


2. Choose output format and specify destination folder. Follow “Format”> “Common Video”> “AVI MSMPEG4-V3 (*.avi)” or “WMV2 (WMV8)(*.wmv)” or  “MPEG-2 Video (*.mpg)”.


3.  Merge AVCHD files (optional) and convert. Before you start conversion, you can tick the checkbox of “Merge into one file” to combine all imported MTS or M2TS files into one AVI/WMV/MPG file.


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