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How to Convert and Edit 720P Lite Files without Losing Quality?

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AVCHD-Lite is a subset of AVCHD. This is going to mean any camera that uses AVCHD and records 1280x720 video will be referred to as an AVCHD Lite camera because it's unlikely that cameras will record AVCHD video at lower resolutions. What you really need to know is that any video editing application with support for AVCHD should also support AVCHD Lite without your needing to do anything differently.


How to Convert and Edit 720P AVCHD Lite Files without losing quality? Have you ever searched for the best AVCHD Lite Converter online? Now this is why this article existed.


Convert and Edit 720P AVCHD Lite Files, Best AVCHD Lite Converter


Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter is the best AVCHD Lite Converter, best AVCHD Lite Editor, best AVCHD Lite Joiner, which can perfectly help you to import, play your 720p AVCHD Lite, convert AVCHD Lite files to WMV, AVI, MOV, DV-AVI, MP4, MPG, etc without losing quality, edit AVCHD Lite files by trimming unwanted part, cropping black edges, adding wartermark, applying effect, replacing audio, rotating/flipping recorded AVCHD Lite videos, and merge/join/combine/splice your 720p AVCHD Lite files into only one file.


How to Play, Convert, Edit and Join your 720p AVCHD Lite files?
Step1: Download, install and launch your AVCHD Lite Converter.


Step2: Click “Add” to import your 720p AVCHD Lite videos. Then you can select one file and click “Play” button to preview your videos.


Step3: Select output format as you wanted. If you want to convert AVCHD Lite to AVI, please select AVI or HD AVI, if you want to convert AVCHD Lite to H.264 MP4, please select HD H.264 MP4, if you want to convert AVCHD Lite to Window Movie Maker, please select WMV or WMV HD, etc. If you want get high quality, you can click “Setting” to set your video bitrate, resolution higher, if you want to get smaller size, you lower the bitrate data.


Convert and Edit 720P AVCHD Lite Files, Convert AVCHD Lite Files


Step4: Click “Editor” button to edit your AVCHD Lite files, you can trim/crop the videos, add watermark here, deinterlace AVCHD lite files, replacing audio, and so on. Learn how to edit videos step by step, please read the tutorial here.


Convert and Edit 720P AVCHD Lite Files, Edit AVCHD Lite Files


Step5: Want to join/combine/splice your AVCHD Lite files? Please just check the box “Merge into one file” Convert and Edit 720P AVCHD Lite Files, Join AVCHD Lite Files to merge them into one file, this is a very useful and effective function.


Step6: Click “Convert” button to start your AVCHD Lite files Conversion. And in the conversion process window, you can see some useful information you may want to know, like Time elapse, Estimated left, Generated size and estimated size, and choose shut down computer after conversion.


Wish this article help you to convert and edit AVCHD Lite files with ease.

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