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Convert AVCHD Camcorder MTS/M2TS Videos to Sony Vegas for Editing

MTS/M2TS Converter

MTS/M2TS Converter

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Convert AVCHD MTS/M2TS to Sony Vegas, AVCHD MTS Sony Vegas


Even though Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 is supposed to support AVCHD videos, there are still many problems importing Canon AVCHD camera videos to Sony Vegas. The release of Sony Vegas 9.0 in 2009 improved native support for pro camcorder formats like Red and XDCAM EX. Even with the latest update for Sony Vegas 9.0e on May 13, 2010, it is not stable with AVHCD .mts/.m2ts videos after the files are transferred to computer via USB 2.0.


When you transferred the .mts videos from the Canon Legria HF200 HD camcorder, and tried to edit on Sony Vegas, you will find it did not work. But now, Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter as a best camcorder partner, which can help you to convert AVCHD videos to MPEG for Sony Vegas. The MPEG videos completely sync with the audio and the output quality is great in high definition.


Below are the steps on my experience of converting AVCHD MTS videos to MPEG for Sony Vegas.


Step 1. Load AVCHD MTS videos to Aunsoft MTS/M2TS Converter.
After the .mts videos are transferred to computer, just run the MTS to MPEG converter and click the Add button to load .mts videos. You can also load .m2ts videos to the converter.


Step 2. Choose MPEG-2 output for Sony Vegas.
Click the Format option and there are many groups for output. Just choose Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 (*.mpg) as output format. There are also .wmv and .mov for no-linear editing software. This enables you to bring AVCHD MTS videos to Sony Vegas in high quality.


Convert AVCHD MTS/M2TS to Sony Vegas, AVCHD MTS MPEG Sony Vegas


Tips: To make sure the output video in high quality, I also click the Settings button and choose original for the Bitrate option.


Step 3. Convert AVCHD MTS to MPEG for Sony Vegas.
Click the convert button under the preview window and the conversion from AVCHD MTS to MPG starts immediately. Just wait for a while and the high definition MPG videos could be imported to Sony Vegas without problem.


With the options above, the MTS to MPG converter keeps original resolution of the camera videos. In the other words, it keeps my 1920x1080 video so that I could better edit HD video on Sony Vegas.

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