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Convert Blu-ray DVD Main Title or Chapters to Droid X H.264 MP4

Blu-ray Ripper

Blu-ray Ripper

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Do you interested in moving a copy of the main title (or some chapters) of a Blu-ray/DVD movie to an H.264/mp4 format that you can transfer to, and play on a Droid X? Yes, just watch the extras off the Blu-ray/DVD full disk at home, but for a travel copy, having the main title stored in Droid X. You may have already tried many products allowed you to convert the m2ts files on a BD disc, but you just found that the file order does not always correspond to the order they are intended to be played. So converting the m2ts files and then joining them often generated a mess. So, what should you do to only extract the main title (movie) or some chapters off a Blu-ray/DVD movie and transfer to Droid X for enjoyment?


Convert Blu-ray Main Movie to h264 MP4


It was recommended to use Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper – also a great Blu-ray/DVD to Droid X Converter. It lists the titles (including main title) and chapters when loading Blu-ray/DVD disc. It is easy enough to just select the main title or some chapters for converting to Droid X H.264 (*.mp4), and it can also let you select desired subtitles and audio tracks (language like English) for outputting to Droid X. Only fours steps are needed. Let me show how to choose Blu-ray main title or chapters for conversion.


Step 1. Run the application and import Blu-ray/DVD.
Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper actually supports loading Blu-ray disc, DVD disc. Just insert Blu-ray/DVD disc to Blu-ray/DVD drive and click BD/DVD Folder button to load the entire movie.

Step 2. Choose the main title (movie) or chapters for conversion.
Soon after loading, you will find the titles and chapters for the Blu-ray disc. The main title (movie) is listed as the first title for easy conversion. Other titles are extras. With the titles and chapters listed, it is easy to make decision from the main movie. Just make sure the checkbox of the main title or the chapter you want for conversion is ticked.


Convert Blu-ray Main Title to Droid X


Tip: From the down list of Subtitle and Audio, you can select the subtitle like English, French, etc you want to hard burn to output video, and Audio language you like to listen to.
Step 3. Choose output format for Droid X
After selecting the main title or chapters for playing on Droid X, please click “Format” to select output format Android – Motorola Droid X H.264 Video (*.mp4) (recommended) for your Motorola Droid X. (Tip: The default resolution of output format H.264 MP4 is 480*320, if you don't like it, please click "Settings" to set the size (pixel) to 800*480 or 854*480.)


Step 4. Convert Blu-ray DVD main title/chapters to Droid X H.264 MP4
Click the Convert button under the preview panel, and the conversion of the main title or selected chapters to Droid X starts. You shall wait for a while to get Blu-ray/DVD main title/chapters for Droid X.


The useful Aunsoft Blu-ray/DVD to Droid X Converter saves your time from converting video with Blu-ray/DVD main title or chapters, and gives you the best output video quality.


After conversion, if you don’t know how to transfer the converted Blu-ray/DVD main title/chapters to Droid X, please read: transfer or copy movies and musics to Motorola Droid X.


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