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Convert Panasonic GH1/GF1/GH2/GF2 AVCHD/AVCHD Lite Files to H.264 MP4 for HD Players

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Responding to consumer's demand for smaller, lighter cameras and lenses, Panasonic has put forward Micro Four Thirds (M43) format cameras in the past couple of years, such as camcorder G1, GH1, GF1, G10, G2, GH2 and in Nov, 2010 announced the GF2. With the GH2 as the obvious successor to the GH1, with a higher resolution sensor and enhanced video capability as well as a number of other tweaks and enhancements, one would therefore think that, similarly, the GF2 would be the successor to the GF1. As Panasonic's G-series SLR digital cameras, the GF1, GH1, GF2 and GH2 have powerful features and good performance. One big feature is that they all support 1080 AVCHD and 720p AVCHD Lite video recording, except GF1, which only records videos in AVCHD Lite format.


No matter which camcorder like GF1, GH1, GF2 or GH2 you owned, or just two of them, or all of them, if you have recorded kinds of videos with GF1, GH1, GF2 or GH2 in different recording mode like AVCHD or 720/50p AVCHD Lite, and stored them on your PC or external hard drive, you may want to put/stitch all MTS recordings into one file for playing on HD Players like WDTV Live Plus, Popcorn Hour A200, Apple TV 2, HDTV, etc. And we know that HD H.264 MP4 is current the best video format to keep original recording format, or even more sharper than raw videos for playing on kinds of players.


Follow is the steps for convert different MTS files from GH1/GF1/GH2/GF2 to H.264 MP4 for HD Players like Popcorn Hour, WDTV Live Plus, Apple TV 2, HDTV, etc.

Step 1. Import Mass MTS files from PC or directly capture from camcorder.

If the MTS files are still saved in your Panasonic GH1/GF1/GH2/GF2 camcorder, please run Aunsoft Final Mate, connect GH1/GF1/GH2/GF2 camcorder to PC via USB cable. You will face the pop-up message asking you to use camcorder wizard or not. Follow the wizard to import the .mts files without looking into the camcorder folders.


To load video from PC, just go to the Resource tab and add folder path.


Step 2. Merge different MTS files from GH1/GF1/GH2/GF2 into only one.

Soon after the files are imported, select the files by using Ctrl + All (select all), drag and drop the clips to the movie tab as a single movie for conversion.




Step 3. Merge MTS files with different parameters to HD H.264 MP4 for HD Players.

Click the Export button and go to the Common Format. Go to HD Video > H.264 HD Video (*.mp4) and set the video/audio size, bitrate, frame frame, sample rate to get the best quality. Click OK to start joining GH1/GF1/GH2/GF2 MTS files to H.264 MP4.




When the steps are done, you can stream the merged and converted H.264 MP4 files to HD Players like Popcour Hour A100, A200, WDTV Live Plus, Apple TV 2, HDTV, etc for playing.

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