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Convert/stream Droid X 3GP Videos to Xbox 360 via DLNA

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Droid X owns DLNA media sharing application. Having a DLNA-compatible phone, like the DROID X means that you can stream music, video and photos from your DROID X to any DLNA device such as a Playstation 3, XBOX, Xbox 360 or a DLNA-capable TV, PC or A/V Receiver.

So if you have an Xbox 360 and a Droid X, you may like to stream your 3gp videos recorded by Droid X to Xbox 360 via DLNA for sharing with friends or family members. But we know that the video format .3gp you use Droid X to record video with cannot be played on the Xbox 360. If you want to stream or play Droid X 3GP Recordings to Xbox 360 via DLNA, the first thing you need to do is to convert Droid X .3gp to H.264 MP4 or MPEG-4 MP4 that can also be played on your Xbox.


Droid X Video Xbox Dlna


Aunsoft Droid X Video Converter is a great tool can help you convert recorded .3gp movies into Droid X playable video/audio format H.264/MEPG-4, AAC (*.mp4) that Xbox can also support. And it can also join/merge Droid X recordings into only one file. Now just follow the steps to convert Droid X videos to Xbox and then stream movies to Xbox through DLNA.

Part I. Convert Droid X 3GP recordings to Xbox 360 playable format

Step 1. Run Aunsoft Video Converter as the perfect Droid X video to Xbox converter, and click the "Add" button to load Droid X recorded 3GP movies.

Step 2. Choose Motorola Android MP4 format by clicking the "Format" option and navigating to Android > Motorola Droid (X) H.264 Video (*.mp4) (recommended) or Motorola Droid (X) MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4), which can also play on Xbox or Xbox 360. (Tip: The default resolution of output format Droid X MP4 is 480*320, if you don't like it, please click "Settings" to set the size (pixel) you want.) 


Convert Droid X 3GP Movie Xbox 360


Step 3. Convert Droid X 3gp movies to H.264 MP4 or MPEG-4 MP4 for Droid X and Xbox by clicking the start button under the preview window. After conversion, connect Droid X to PC via USB cable, and transfer videos to Droid X.

Part II. Stream Droid X videos to Xbox/Xbox 360 via DLNA.

The DLNA service could be used as a stand alone, or used in combination with HDMI. A home network (wired or wireless) or WiFi network shall be set up with your Xbox and Droid X. 

Step 1. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is running. And confirm the Xbox to connect with your DROIDx is powered on, and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Step2. On your DROIDx, open your Applications tray and select the DLNA application. If you get the message to turn on Wi Fi connection, just click Yes and go to the settings menu to turn on Wi-Fi.

Step 3. From the DLNA screen, select "Share media", and select the media (Video, Music, Picture) you want to play in the "My shared media" screen. Then click OK.

Step 4. Wait for a few seconds for connecting Motorola Droid X to Xbox 360, and a green DLNA logo will appear at the top of Droid X screen for sharing movies and other media files to Xbox.

With the steps above, you can easily convert/stream Droid X video on Xbox 360 through DLNA. Hope it helps you play around your Motorola Droid X Android phone.


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