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How to convert videos to DivX AVI, DV AVI, etc via VFW Codec?

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Video Converter

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If you have saved some codecs like DivX, DV, VP6, etc in your PC and wanted to use one of them as video codec for output format by using Aunsoft Video Converter, please don’t stop and keep on reading, this article will show you how to convert all videos to DivX AVI, DV-AVI, VP6 AVI, etc via VFW Codec.


(1) What’s VFW?
VFW is short for Video for Windows, which is an early Windows video codec format first introduced in November 1992, and has been in use ever since. It is installed on Windows system, and usually used in AVI format, and can be seen by all application programs, so that it allows software developers working on the Windows platform to add the ability to play or manipulate videos to their own applications.


In order to give the convenience for our customers, all Aunosft products support VFW codec. So it is free for you to convert your videos to AVI with the codec (Like DV-AVI, DivX-AVI, VP6-AVI, FFDS-AVI, etc) you want, only the codec installed in your PC, our products could auto detect and save them.


(2) Convert videos via VFW codec
Now, let me take DivX codec as example and show you how to convert videos to DivX AVI via VFW codec using Aunsoft Video Converter. (Please make sure you have installed DivX codec in your PC, if not, please download from this link: Free download DivX, then install it on your computer, follow the steps.)


Tips: Many people want to convert their videos like HD, MTS, MOD, FLV, TOD, M2TS, M2T, MKV, etc to DV-AVI into Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere for further editing. Don’t worry and don’t look for a special video to DV-AVI converter, just using Aunsoft products, free download and install Panasonic VFW DV codec).


Step1: Download, install and then launch Aunsoft Video Converter.


Step2: Add your video files to it, and then select “Common video” in the drop-down list of “Format”, after that opt for an AVI format, please pay attention, only any AVI format here allows you using VFW codec to encode your file.


Convert Videos via VFW Codec, Select Output Format


Step3: Click “Settings”, the following interface will pop up. Now in the video codec, you are able to see DivX codec and get hold of it. As soon as you have chosen DivX---a VFW codec, you will find that the parameter like video bitrate can’t be adjusted. Now you can click “Config” to set your encoder settings.


Convert Videos via VFW Codec


After clicking “Config”, you will see the interface below, and now you can set the parameters on it according to your own requirements. After settings, please click “OK” to save.


Convert Videos via VFW Codec, Divx Codec


Step4: Confirm the output path and convert to start your videos to DivX AVI via VFW codec now. Only few minutes, you could get your high quality AVI files encoded with DivX.


So easy and convenient, act now to start your conversion of videos via VFW codec.

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