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Remove Unwanted Parts and Losslessly Merge MTS to MKV for WD TV with PGS Subtitle Stream

Final Mate

Final Mate

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HD camcorder recordings always have three streams: video & audio streams, as well as PGS Subtitle stream. You may be familiar with both video and audio streams, but what is PGS subtitle stream? PGS subtitle in HD videos, like AVCHD footage are often called timestamp or timecode that records its shooting time and date. Is it time code/ PGS subtitle very important? PGS subtitle stream makes contributions to recalling the special recording date. Whatever, it all depends on your needs.


Here’s a customer called for help to join MTS to MKV for WD TV with PGS subtitle stream preserved without encoding for memorizing the special dates.


“I have many .MTS clips copied from Panasonic to HDD. Say, there’re about 100 episodes, 40 of them were shot on my birthday party, 30 shot on my wedding party, the remaining 30 captured during my trips with my wife. Without the intension of transcoding MTS to MP4, I only want cut some rubbish scenes, joining the rest parts to keep HD high quality to merge MTS to MKV for enjoy on WD TV with subtitles in PGS format.


Besides WD TV, there’re also many media players can display PGS subtitles produced by cameras, say, VLC has the function to display or disable the softsubs. To keep the best quality of merging MTS to WD TV with PGS stream, we’d better rewrap MTS to MKV without rendering the footage.


Most MTS Converter can achieve the goal of transcoding MTS to MKV, but this may can’t meet your requirements of preserving the best original video quality. Here we recommend Final Mate, this is a lossless joiner. With Final Mate, you can cut the unwanted scenes and lossless merge MTS to MKV with timecode/timestamp preserved.


Here we see how the Final Mate works:


1.“I have some videos in .MTS extension, and I want to delete some rubbish parts, joining the remaining portion together without rendering.”


How to accurately remove unwanted parts:


Load as many as your MTS files to “Movie” to “create a sing movie”. Double click to preview the long movie, when venire comes to the general location you want to cut, click the pause button.  Click the button or button to precisely identify the frame you need to cut. To repeat the method above makes it convenient to cut the movie into several parts.  Then, you can remove the unwanted parts with the simply clicking Delete button besides Scissor icon.



2.“No conversion, no transcoding, the only I’d like is to just merge MTS to MKV for playback on WD TV or Samsung TV with PGS subtitles stream preserved. “


How to join AVCHD/MTS to WD TV without rendering the footage:

Under lossless conversion type, click format icon to select “MKV format”. Then, start conversion from MTS to MKV. When conversion is done, you’ll find the lossless merged MKV still keeps subtitle in PGS format.


The timecode on MKV is softsub, when playing on WD TV or Samsung TV or VLC, etc; you can freely display or disable the timestamp.


With Final Mate, accurately remove the unneeded portion; you can merge MTS to MKV with time code in softsub without rendering for playback on WD TV, Samsung TV.

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