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Cut GH2 Video before uploading to YouTube, tsmuxer or Aunsoft Final Mate?

Final Mate

Final Mate

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Panasonic DMC-GH2 is boasted as the micro-four-third (MFT) DEVIL (digital electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lens). I was given a Panasonic GH2 as birthday gift. Actually, it takes fantastic still photos. The first few 1080p videos I got are not good enough. There is obvious hand-shake in the video if I move the camera too fast.

I was told that the MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) would fix the blurring issue. But I would like to remove the dazzle moments from my video, and then upload to youtube. The video editor on YouTube does not trim/cut videos.

After googling best avchd video cutter and joiner for youtube, I find two tools claiming no recoding for the process. Well, one is tsMuxeR, and the other is Aunsoft Final Mate. The tsMuxeR is freeware while Aunsoft Final Mate is shareware. If your final movie is less than 5 minutes, it is free for cutting and merging too.

With tsMuxeR, I should split or cut the video into server segment, and then click the join button each time I want to add a clip. It is quite annoying as only one file could be added each the join button is clicked. And there is no preview window as reference.

With Aunsoft Final Mate, I can add the videos from camera directly. No complicated folder structure is necessary for importing. The video playback is not very smooth though. I can easily find the frame to start with the previous frame or next frame button. The trimming function does not offer image as indicator on the preview window yet. I should split the frame where the blurring images starts, and split the frame where the movie goes clear. Then delete the unwanted part.

The general experience with Aunsoft Final Mate is better than tsMuxeR. And I will recommend it to my friends who would upload Panasonic videos to YouTube/Vimeo without re-encoding. The frame accurate cut and merging helps a lot.

Aunsoft Final Mate provides two kinds of output for YouTube, and you can choose it according to your bandwidth or the quality you want. For broadband, it is easy to choose lossless output for uploading AVCHD files quickly to And for narrowband, the video conversion will help a lot for reducing the file size, as the larger file size means the longer time for uploading.

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