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Decode And Convert DVD Videos for Playing in iPhone 4

DVD Ripper for Mac

DVD Ripper for Mac

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Do you have an iPhone 4? And do you often enjoy your DVD videos in DVD player? Would you like to have a change to watch your DVDs on your iPhone 4?


Although iPhone 4 has been launched for a long time, people who are mad about it are still paying attention to what can they do with this powerful mobile phone. Meanwhile, life on the go has been more popular for millions of office workers all over the world. They prefer to watch videos or films in mobile devices like iPhone 4, iPad or iPod. But playing DVD videos directly in iPhone 4 is impossible for the moment since mobile phone has not decoder for DVD files. So a great DVD decoding or converting tool is developed especially for iPhone 4 users to decode and convert DVD videos for playing in iPhone 4.



Be sure that you have enough free Mac hard drive space; 

If you want burned in subtitles then must you use DVD Ripper for Mac to rip out the subtitle track from the DVD, read this guide.




1. Run the Aunsoft DVD Ripper for Mac on your Mac. Then open the DVD file by clicking on the DVD-import button and choose the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD. Select the main movie title.



2. Choose output format, find and select the output format for iPhone 4.



3. Choose Subtitles from the menu to load external subtitles in order to get the right language for your video.



4. Last click on convert button to start your conversion and wait for several minutes to get your final movie for enjoy in iPhone 4.

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