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Import DVD

You can load DVD movies in 3 ways.


DVD Rom: When your DVD disc is inserted to the DVD ROM, just click the button and the movie will be loaded. If you have several ROMs and want to load them to the program, use the DVD Folder button.

DVD Folder: When your DVD disc is inserted to the DVD Rom, or you have a DVD-Video file-structured folder on your computer, just click this button and choose the folder for DVD.

IFO/ISO: Click this button when you just want to load the DVD by choosing the IFO file, or load the ISO.


The screenshot of DVD movie imported to the program:



Tip: The video parameters can be showed on the preview srceen when you clicked the Arrow mark.

When you add your DVD to the program, you can see the Source (Added DVD moive) and Target (Output file) video/audio parameters like codec, bitrate, frame rate, and so on in the preview screen and you can preview the DVD movie with this screen. So you are allowed to directly click the Arrow mark to change the preview screen from video playing to A/V parameters showing as follow:



The information bar about the added files shows the information as follows:



Name: The name of each title, chapter, or video.

Duration: The original length of each file before conversion.

Trimmed Length: The length of each file after trimming.

Destination File: The name of the output file, you can rename it if you want.


Right click on the file list and you will get the right-click menu with the following options.



Rename File : Click to rename the selected file. You can also press the F2 key on keyboard to rename selected file.

Check All: Click to check all the imported files.

Uncheck All: Click to cancel the action of selecting all the imported files.

Check Subchapters: Click to check the subchapters of the selected title.

Uncheck Subchapters: Click to cancel the action of checking the subchapters of the title.

View Subchapters: Click to expand the all subchapters of your DVD disc in the file list window.

Hide Subchapters: Click to hide the subchapters in the file list window.

Clear: Click to delete all the files in the file list.


The buttons under the file list:



Subtitle: Select desired subtitle language of your DVD movie to display on the output file.

Only show force subtitle: It means that you can check the box only to show forced subtitle in the movie if the DVD movie has.

Audio: Select the desired language or audio track of your DVD for conversion.

Angle: Select the angle of your video.

Full Disk Copy: Click to start copying or making a backup of the whole DVD movie with original file structure to your computer or hard drive.

Check All: Click to select all the imported files with the front checkbox ticked.

Uncheck All: Click to unselect all file on the file list by removing the tick from the front checkbox.

Clear: Click to delete all the files from the file list.


Note: When using Full Disk Copy, the original DVD file structures will be copied, and the backup speed is super fast. Below is the screenshot for copying the full disk in 1:1.

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