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Enjoy HD/AVCHD Videos and Blu-rays with HTPC and Projector

Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate

Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate

It provides one-stop solution for converting videos, decrypt/copy/rip BD/DVD for sharing on NAS, Motionbox, YouTube, HD TV, and more.
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Enjoy HD Video/ Blu-ray with HTPC / Projector, HD BDDVD HTPC Projector


With the high demands of watching high-def videos at home, more and more people are using HTPC to store and play videos using LCD projectors. HTPC is powerful with many different videos, for example to play videos like .mp4, .m2ts, .mkv videos supported by with VLC media player. And you may find that VLC media player does not play .m2ts HD videos from camcorder very well, especially those with interlacing artifacts from 1080i camcorder.


For Blu-ray videos, we shall update HTPC with Blu-ray drive. However, with Blu-ray drive alone, the Blu-ray movie does not play, as a Blu-ray DVD player software is needed. Most of the Blu-ray DVD player tools are commercial shareware, e.g. PowerDVD, Corel WinDVD. To make sure HTPC could play all the media files without artifacts, you can use Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate to remove interlacing artifacts from 1080i camcorder videos, to rip Blu-ray to HD videos at high quality.


The article includes two parts: to convert video to HTPC, and to setup HTPC with LCD Projector.


Part I. Convert HD video and Blu-rays to HTPC


Step 1. Load HD video and Blu-rays to Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate.
If you want to rip Blu-ray disc, just insert the Blu-ray disc to Blu-ray drive and click the Load DVD button on the application. Then choose the Blu-ray disc from the list of DEVICES.
If you want to load HD video like .m2ts, .tod, capture the videos from camcorder with the bundled software from the CD of your camera/camcorder, or use DV Split to capture camcorder videos. Then click the Add button to load the camcorder videos.


Step 2. Choose HD video output for HTPC.
Click the Format option and choose one option from the HD Video group. There are options like H.264 MP4, H.264 MOV, and AVI HD video for selection. Here I choose HD MP4 with H.264 video codec.


Enjoy HD Video/ Blu-ray with HTPC / Projector, HD MP4 HTPC Projector


Step 3. Convert video and BD/DVD to MP4 for HTPC.
Click the convert button and the application starts converting videos to HD MP4 file for HTPC. Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate will remove the interlaced artifacts of camera videos (.m2ts, .tod, .mod) by default, and the output video will be kept with high quality. The videos and BD/DVD will be transcoded as .mov as output for easy and smooth playback on HTPC.


Part II. Setup LCD projector and HTPC to play HD video


Step 1. Connect LCD projector and HTPC.
Use VGA cable to connect HTPC and LCD projector, by plugging the blur PC port and the cable into the RGB 1 port on the LCD projector.


Step 2. Get ready with speakers.
Some projectors include speakers, but the quality is not as good as that from HTPC or your professional surround sound 5.1 speakers or external speakers. Just plug external speakers to the port for headphones.


Step 3. Turn on HTPC and digital projector for video playback.
While HTPC is playing HD video, show the monitor on screen and the projector will display the HD videos.


With Aunsoft Blu-ray Video Converter Ultimate, you can easily make your HTPC compatible to most media files and enjoy HD videos and Blu-rays and DVDs with the large screen projector.

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