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Enjoy Oscar Blu-ray DVD Movies to Motorola Xoom, iPad or Home Theater System

Blu-ray Ripper

Blu-ray Ripper

Full copy your Blu-ray/DVD disc. Rip BD/DVD to diverse formats with hard-burned subtitles.
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Some movies are designed for Cinema or your home theater system, as you can feel the difference between large screen and the effects, e.g. the Best Visual Effects Oscar winner "Inception". While some movies could play very well on portable devices like iPad, Motorola Xoom and BlackBerry Playbook, and you get the most. Anyway, you can watch any movies anywhere you like, especially the "King's Speech".


If you would like to backup your Oscar Blu-ray DVD Movies to Motorola Xoom, iPad or home theater system, Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper is the recommended Blu-ray DVD movie converter on Windows 7, Vista and XP for you to make a full disk copy for personal entertainment. The Blu-ray DVD movie converter also enables you to hard burn subtitles like closing subtitles and forced subtitles to Motorola Xoom.

bluray movie xoom subtitles


Below is the fast guide for you to rip blu-ray movies and DVD movies to MP4 for Xoom.


Step 1. Import BD DVD movies to Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper.

Run Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper as the best Blu-ray to Xoom converter with subtitles. Click the "BD/DVD Rom" button and the ripper will import the BD movie automatically.


Step 2. Choose HD output format.

Click the "Format" option and choose HD Video > H.264 HD Video(*.mp4) as output format. You will get 1080p HD videos for Motorola Xoom.


Step 3. Hard burn subtitles to Xoom videos.

Select the main title and click the drop-down button for "Subtitle" to choose preferred subtitle language for the output video. You may also choose preferred audio language with the Audio option.

bd to hd mp4 motorola xoom


Step 4. Convert BD/DVD to Motorola Xoom.

Click the convert button under the preview window, and the Blu-ray to Xoom movie converter will start converting BD movies to MP4 for Android tablet with subtitles.


When the conversion is done, you can download BD DVD movies to Motorola Xoom for playback.



Aunsoft Blu-ray Ripper is taken as pick of week on Tuesday March 8, 2011. You can pay the price of DVD ripper and get capacity of ripping DVD and Blu-ray movies at $35.9.


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