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How to make Final Mate (for Mac) compatible with multitacks .m2ts files

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

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I have just received an email from a customer, telling that when importing the .m2ts files into Final Mate for Mac, the software refused to read the files. He wondered the reason and asked for the solution. And the error is reported as: The following 1 video(s) can not be read temporarily :"xxxx.m2ts"


Actually, Final Mate for Mac is mainly designed for HD camcorders, which capture videos in .mts format. Even when Aunsoft studio announced that it could support .m2ts format, there is still some limit. Before explaining the reason, we’d first learn some difference between .mts and .m2ts.


Files in .mts format are usually from HD camcorders. This format includes one single video track, one single audio track and one single subtitle track. And .m2ts files are mainly ripped from Blu-ray Disc. This format owns one single video track, but owns several audio and subtitle tracks. The following picture will show you the result checked with MediaInfo



Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac could support .mts or .m2ts files with single track, which means if the tracks are multiple, Final Mate for Mac won’t work. I have tested the custom’s original .m2ts video and found it actually had 6 audio tracks and 8 subtitle tracks. That’s why Final Mate couldn’t read his files.


So is there any solution or workaround to make Final Mate compatible with .m2ts? Here the software tsMuxer will be much helpful. This software could help to reduce the tracks in video files, which means you can keep only one single track for video, audio and subtitle and cut the others off. tsMuxer is totally free, one can download directly through the following link:



But if it’s your first time to use tsMuxer, you will find that it doesn’t allow the import of .m2ts files. The "Readme.VoxMac" in the Installation package will teach you how to solve this problem.



After then, you can just import the multitracks files into tsMuxer and choose only one track for each stream: video, audio and subtitle. Click to output new .m2ts, which can be supported by Final Mate for Mac successfully.

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