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Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac – Import video files from camcorder

Preparation: Connect camcorder to computer, if you have used SD memory card to record videos, please insert the card in the camcorder first before connection.


Step 1: Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac will automatically run when camcorder is connected to Mac, and you will get a popup window asking for connection confirmation. Just click “OK” to continue. You can also check the box of “Do not show this message again” to stop seeing this popup window again. Next time, you will be directly taken to step 2 or step 3.


Step 2: You will face the following window after step 1. As you see from the screenshot, the program will show your camcorder info and different storage mediums. In this step, you can select video files from different camcorders or different data storages of one camcorder to preview in the media player on the right, which will help you determine desired videos files for later process. After you have selected the drive like "HDC-TM700/MEM" or "HDC-TM700/SD" and video files such as 00016.MTS, 00017.MTS, click “Next” to import videos.


Tip: If you connect one camcorder with no SD memory card installed, you will automatically be directed to Step 3.


Step 3: Select “Import” to import selected video files from camcorder to the Final Mate for Mac. After that, please click “Next” to continue.

Notice: Please keep camcorder connected for the whole importing process (make sure there is enough supply if you use battery-powered camcorder). Unexpected disconnection will cause unpredictable results. If you want to use your camcorder immediately, you can backup files to your local hard drive first and them import files from your computer.


Step 4: Then you will see the following window. In this window, you can select the video from file list and preview it by clicking on “Play” button. In this way, you can decide on exact files you want to import for further editing. By default, all the files in file list are checked, uncheck the “Check all” box and select the ones you’d like for importing. After that, click “Start” to import your camcorder files to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.


After the files imported to the program, the files will be listed in Camcorder Tab illustrated as below:

: Click to remove all files.


Tip: If you have already entered the main interface of Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac and want to import videos from camcorder to the program, you can directly click “Wizard”   to launch smart wizard to help import your video files from camcorder. Please follow Step 1 to Step 4 above for detailed instruction. If there is not camcorder connected to computer, you will get an error message: “No Camcorder is connected”.


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