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Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac – Output Profile Settings



Video Section: You can set Codec, Bit Rate, Size, and Frame Rate to adjust output video.


Audio Section: You can set Codec, Bit Rate, Sample Rate and Channels to adjust output audio.


Tips for adjusting the Video/Audio parameters:

1. Setting video size(pix) in the program equals to setting video resolution. So you can adjust size to 1280*720 for iPad, 854*480 for Droid X, 800*480 for Samsung Galaxy S, 640*360 for Nokia N8, 1920*1080 for HD videos, etc.


2. Set higher bitrate, frame rate or sample rate equals to relatively higher output quality for video/audio together with bigger output size. Vise versa.


3. Audio channel is selectable. If your source audio including AC3, AAC, WMAV audio is in 5.1 channels, it’s recommended that you select 5.1 channels in “Channel” box to keep its perfect 5.1 audio quality. 7.1 channels can only be chosen if your source audio is WMAV3 format.

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