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Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac – Playback videos in main interface

In the main interface of the program, you can choose imported video or created movie then click “Play” to start playing or you can double click video(s) in Resource tab/Camcorder tab or movie(s) in Movies tab to play the files.

Play or Pause: Play or pause the selected video or movie.
Stop: Stop previewing the current playing file.
Prev Frame: Click to view previous frame of the current playing file.
Next Frame: Click to view next frame of the current playing file.
Snapshoot : Get the thumbnail of the present frame and save it as an image file. (Tip: You can set thumbnail file format and file path in Preference.)
Open: Open the snapshots file folder. Snapshot.jpg

Adjust Volume: You can mute the playing file or increase volume up to 400%.

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