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Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac – Preference

To configure options, you can follow Tools > Preference  to enter the preference interface. There are three tabs in this window: General, Thumbnail and Others.



Preference General


Under the “General” tab you can set process preference if there is an identical file name with output file or backup file.



When an output file has already existed in output folder (usually because you have converted it before), there are three customized options.


Auto Rename: Select to rename the present output file when it has an identical file name in the output folder.

Overwrite: Select to overwrite when output file has an identical file name in the output folder.

Skip: Select to skip when output file has an identical file name in the output folder.

Reset to Default: Click to reset settings to default value.

Apple ProRes Output Temporary Directory (need to restart Final Mate): Click to set Apple ProRes temporary output path.

Preference Thumbnail

Under the “Thumbnail” tab you can set file path and file format for thumbnails. Click “Browse” to specify file path and click the down arrow of Format to set file format for screenshots.



Save To: Choose a file path for snapshots in your computer.


Format: Choose snapshot file format from *. Tiff, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.thm options from Format drop-down list.


Original Video Size: You can set the width and the height for the snapshot by selecting desired value for Width & Height box or directly entering the value.



Preference Others

Here you can choose H.264 decoder, Lossless Output Mode and whether to pop up the camcorder wizard message by default.



H.264 Decoder Option Boxes

The current decoder supported by the program is System Decoder.


System Decoder: For all computer users which gives the slowest decoding/encoding speed.


Lossless Output Mode:


When you split/cut movies on Timeline, you may need to locate each frame and split/cut the scene precisely. Now if you want to make a frame accurate cutting, please make sure you select the first mode “Split from the exact frame you choose”. In general, it is selected by default. If you don’t need to precisely locate your movie for each frame but just key frame, please select the second mode which guarantee much faster exporting speed.


Split from the exact frame you choose: check this box and it enables you to split/cut the scene at the exact the frame you choose, no matter it is key frame or non-key frame.


Split from the next GOP: Means that the splitting time point will be located on the nearest key frame rather than the exact frame you choose. So if the frame you choose is not a key frame, you may not get the exact image from the splitting point. This mode can make exporting process much faster compared to the mode of “Split from the exact frame you choose”.


"Reset confirmation message displays" Button 

You can choose to reset confirmation message and show "Do not show this message again".


“Launch wizard when camcorder is connected” Option Box 

You can check or uncheck the box to decide whether to pop up this message next time you launch Final Mate when camcorder is connected.

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