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Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac – Restore Video

Note: Restore Video function can only apply to movies that are created for conversion. When such a movie is placed in Timeline, you can click to do color restoration as the following picture. You can also preview the effects in preview window.


Brightness: Drag brightness adjusting bar to adjust the brightness of a movie or video clip.

Contrast: Drag contrast bar to adjust the contrast of a movie or video clip.

Saturation: Drag saturation bar to adjust the saturation.

Settings: Some settings about video restoration. 

Reset: Click to reset to default values.

Apply to Current Movie: Apply current editing to the current movie. 

Apply to All Movies: Apply current editing to all the movies


Deinterlacing: If there are some stripes, lines or interlacing artifacts on the picture, you can check this option to get a better picture effect for your video clip or movie.

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