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Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac – Split/Trim Movie

Split: Divide a movie into two.
Move the Vernier to the time point or position you want to split the movie and click button. Then a movie will be divided into two parts. You can also preview the effect in preview window.



You can move the order of video clips in a movie, or add new video clips to Movie Track to be joined with current video clips.


Frame Accurate Splitting/Cutting: (Only apply to lossless output movies)
Many users need a program that allows for frame accurate (frame by frame) cutting/splitting movies. Enhanced with Frame Accurate Seeking capability, Final Mate for Mac enables you to locate and display each frame precisely so that you can easily get the desired frame of the movie to split or cut.


To do frame by frame splitting or cutting, please follow the instructions below:


First, please make sure you have selected in Tools > Preference > Others > Lossless Output Mode which is selected by default in the first place.


Second, choose the time point you want to split or cut by moving the Vernier on timeline or set exact time point with Goto function, which will give you an approximate position of the splitting point.

Third, click “Prev Frame” button to check previous frame of the movie or “Next Frame” button to check next frame of the movie to get desired frame. You can also click the "Change view mode" button  to preview video by frame and drag the roller to change frame to the prior frame or next frame. Once the splitting point is selected, please click “Split” button to split/cut/divide the movie. Then click to select the divided part you want to cut off from the timeline, and click Delete button to remove the unwanted part.


(Note: Prev Frame is limited to 40 times clicking maximally.)


Trim: Allows to set the starting time and ending time to cut off unwanted parts. (Trim function doesn’t support frame accuracy at the moment.)


Movie your mouse to the left or right border of a video clip, and when the mouse turns into a square bracket, you can drag it to set the starting time or ending time of the clip to start trimming.




Resize End: Set the ending time of a clip to trim. 
Resize Start: Set the starting time of a clip to trim.


Tip: for frame accurate trimming, it’s recommended that you use Split function introduced above to delete unwanted parts.

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