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Final Mate for Mac Version History

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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Version             Dec 23, 2011 

1.Enhanced the Seek efficiency and functions on Timeline

2.Optimized the Crop operation and display

3.More clear directions on uploading to YouTube

4.Corrected the cursor status in Full-screen preview

5.Support reverse clips selection on Time-time

6.Fixed some minor bugs on Frame by Frame cutting and clip duplication

7.Modified some description words on UI

8.Fixed the 3D effects setting bugs

9.Fixed the Apple Pro Res profiles' compatibility issue with Final Cut Pro 7: "The following media files are not optimized for Final Cut Pro"

10.Fixed the issue in switching the output movie type from lossless to conversion


Version             Nov 18, 2011 

1.Upload the output to YouTube directly

2.Reserve the MetaData of Camcorder shootings

3.Reserve the PGS Subtitles of Camcorder videos to record the shooting date and time

4.Sorts the videos on Camcorder Wizard by year and month

5.Support full-screen preview

6.Enchaned the 3D Effects output;add 3D effects and 3D settings to all profiles

7.Optimized the way of clip editing on Time-line, such as duplicating and multi-selection

8.Optimized the way to split and cut the video and split the movie in accurate frame

9.Support multi-threads conversion

10. Full-utilize the CPU cores so that the conversion becomes 50% faster at least

11. Optimized some important profile settings

12. Fixed some bugs


Version 1.8.0             Sep 21, 2011 

1.New UI Design and Layout, more user-friendly.

2.Frame by Frame editing is enhanced.

3.Add the HD output profile for most of popular HD Players, such as WDTV, Popcorn and Dune Player.

4.Add 3D Effects output profiles.

5.Support keyboard shortcuts.

6.Easy to Split and Cut the movie into two parts by Accurate Frame.

7.Right-click Menu on the Timeline to do clips editing.

8.Multi-clips selection, clips skipping and creating the new movie directly on the Timeline.

9.Optimized overall performance of the program.

10. Add the 5.1channel for Apple ProRes output profile.

11. Add the 5.1channel for common formats which has AAC or AC3 output profile.


Version 1.7.1             August 12, 2011

Cancel the temporary files when exporting Apple ProRes.(Delete the setting of temporary files path)


Version 1.7             July 21, 2011


1.Lossless MKV output for HD media players like WD TV Live.

2.Added the function to run the program when camera is connected to Mac.

3.Added the option to download selective files to Mac.

4.Added the option to backup file in background.

5.Added the option to choose output settings for each movie and changed the settings display.

6.Change program UI for positioning.

7.Added the function to detect free disk space for output.

8.Fixed the bug for lossless exporting .mod files.

9.Add the setting of temporary directory when converting to Apple ProRes.

Version       June 8, 2011

Added Portuguese as a selectable language to display.

Version       May 5, 2011

1. Added camcorder wizard for capture/backup video footage from camcorder.

2. Added ability to create & export movies in two different ways, one for lossless output and the other for conversion.

3. Added Timeline for easy editing including merging, splitting, trimming, cropping, etc.

4. Ability to preview editing effects in player window.

5. Added frame accuracy capability for more precise frame position on inserted player, plus added volume adjustment and snapshots taking options.

6. Provided with Apple ProRes codec for Final Cut Pro users, Apple Intermediate Codec for iMovie/FCE users, etc.

7. Added Adobe After Effects export format

8. Added Apple Aperture export format

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