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Aunsoft Final Mate - Install and Uninstall

Aunsoft Final Mate is a clean and safe program with no plug-ins at all. You can easily install and uninstall the software. Before installing the software, please check the system requirements first.


To install Aunsoft Final Mate, please:
· Download Aunsoft Final Mate setup file.
· Double click on the setup file to begin installation.
· Follow the instructions to install Aunsoft Final Mate on your PC.


To Uninstall Aunsoft Final Mate from your computer, please:
· Hit Windows Start and go through the following options: All Programs -> Aunsoft -> Final Mate > uninstall Aunsoft Final Mate.
· From Windows Start menu, select to open “Windows Control Panel”. Double click “Add or Remove Program”, scroll to “Aunsoft Final Mate”, and click Remove.


About Update:
Please remove Aunsoft Final Mate from your computer before installing an updated version.

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