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Aunsoft Final Mate - Timeline Introduction

The program allows you to edit movies using a timeline. This function makes splitting movies, merging video clips, adding background music, etc at just the right moment easy. Now enhanced with frame accurate seeking, you can split/cut movies at a very precise point. Timeline includes five parts: Editing Tools Bar, Scale Value, Vernier, Movie track.




Editing Tools Bar: Allows you to do color correction, deinterlacing, adjusting volume, replacing audio, cropping, splitting/trimming movie, setting time point, deleting etc.


Scale Value: It refers to the time point, users can judge the length of the whole movie,
and the starting time, ending time and length of one video clip here.


Vernier: The Vernier has an arrowhead showed on Scale Value (means the current time) and a blue vertical line in Movie Track (mean the position of current video clip). The Vernier attaches to the player, when the Vernier is moving, the player will seek to the appointed time.  


Movie track: The video clips of a Movie under Movies Tab will be placed in Movie Track, this program has only one track, that is the whole movie. The video clips in Movie Track can be regarded as one movie, you can move the display order of the video clips, and add new video clips to Movie Track for joining existed clips to create your own movie.  



Export: Click to export your lossless videos or convert to other formats.

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